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    Epson Surecolor P proofer vs HPz9 printer for print proofs

    I don't know anything about the HP printer. I recently considered P9000 vs P9570 to replace our two 9900 printers we use exclusively for printing color proofs. Those are the same as the 7900 you have and the P7000 and P7570 you are considering, except with a width of 44 inches instead of 24...
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    Printing same image (2UP) on sheet problem with print

    Are there slightly different versions of black that break at arbitrary edges that do not correspond to the edges of any elements in the PDF? I think that's what I'm seeing. Our Fiery does that all the time but thankfully it has never been noticeable. If you rasterize (process and hold) then you...
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    What is the best way for pulling out the fillament from a metal print head

    This isn't a 3D printing forum, but I'll tell you what I do. I have a delta FDM printer with a Bowden tube. I let the nozzle go below 120 degrees Celsius, then I release the PTC fitting at the bottom of the tube where it connects to the head and attempt to push out filament. Since the nozzle is...
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    Greek character encoding for heidelberg toolbox vdp editor

    I don't see any Greek or Chinese characters in either of those. The CSV file could look different to different viewers, depending on assumed encoding. The two documents mostly match from my perspective, though there are a few discrepancies. Was the CSV file created by the Heidelberg software...
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    Greek character encoding for heidelberg toolbox vdp editor

    Please post an example of text before and after the change.
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    Labels not aligned

    Whatever created the PDF is the actual problem - it's not preparing it for the labels you're using. Your printer is probably printing the PDF correctly. Try to zoom the PDF until it's actual size on your screen, then overlay your label sheet on your screen. That might help you realize what the...
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    Labels not aligned

    It looks like the position in your PDF is not correct so ideally you would fix this upstream. The position in the PDF actually looks slightly higher (more wrong) than your printed sheet. So unless the label sheets are asymmetrical and you loaded the paper 180 degrees off, whatever made that PDF...
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    Canon 6011 fiery calibration question

    What Steve0 posted sounded like the most plausible explanation to me, but then you posted your measurements from another machine that look fine. I'm guessing your measurement technique isn't different between the two machines. Though that explanation is probably no longer applicable, keep in...
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    Canon 6011 fiery calibration question

    I've never seen measurements that erratic. I always look at the measurements to make sure nothing looks wrong after calibrating, so I've probably seen that screen several hundred times. The Fiery forum thread referenced by ColorMonkey seems to talk mostly about profile issues, but since the...
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    Spot colour problems

    Do you have "spot color matching" turned on in advanced color settings for the job? Is it just one problematic file or any spot color from any file? I've seen a few PDFs where the colorant name had a space at the end. I once had some strange caching problems that required me to delete the entry...
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    2D Barcode encoding _ BCOCA

    I don't know anything about the software you're using, but if it honors C programming/linux conventions, perhaps one of the following might work: \t \T \x09 \X09 \u09 \U09 \u0009 \U00000009 \011 You could also try the same with doubled backslashes (e.g., "\\t"). That probably won't work, but...
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    auto launch PitStop

    That might be doable. The method I prefer is to put all of the commonly used Pitstop tools in the "quick tools" toolbar (View > Show/Hide > Toolbar Items > Show Quick Tools/Customize Quick Tools...). I have about 16 things there and rarely need to open the tool panes. I still miss the older...
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    auto launch PitStop

    Do you mean the inspector palette, or the place where you see things like the eye dropper and the "edit path" tool? On my version, the inspector is strangely missing from the menu bar, even though the "PitStop Pro" menu flashes when I press cmd+option+I. If it's the inspector you want and it...
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    auto launch PitStop

    I've attached a javascript file for Acrobat that should do it. You'll probably need to check some boxes in Acrobat preferences > JavaScript for this to work. After you unzip it, Ctrl+click or right click on the Acrobat application and select "Show Package Contents," then go to...
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    auto launch PitStop

    I'm doing this on a Mac, but it's a bit of an ugly hack and fairly complicated. I have an Acrobat javascript that runs when Acrobat starts, but Acrobat javascript can't execute external code due to sensible security restrictions. So it makes an HTTP request to a perl script running in the...
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    Company embeds microchips in employees

    Many employees seem to have their phones in their hand almost constantly in an increasing number of businesses. In such environments, one could do almost as well with bluetooth that was power-limited to reduce the range to a very small area. Those businesses already have more low-hanging fruit...
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    Hawaii to vote using U.S. Mail

    A recent xkcd:
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    The floppy

    You could tell them it won't work because it's double density and you haven't upgraded your disk drives yet.
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    What colors do you see?

    If the color brown was not so common in nature, I'm guessing we would just call it dark orange. Or maybe dark yellow-red.
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    Acrobat X help

    I've never seen that one. There are some things Acrobat does routinely but doesn't tell you about unless they take a long time. I would try disabling javascript in case document-level or application-level code is doing something (javascript can present those progress bars). If that doesn't stop...

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