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    Image loss on a flexo sleeve print

    Hello Everyone! I have a customer who is using SBR/natural rubber covered print sleeves to print water-based ink on a kraft paper. They are telling me that after about 12 hours at run speed on their Comco press, they are experiencing image loss causing them to increase the pressure on their...
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    AB Dick 9920 Sheet Jogger

    I will look at that. Would this also cause the jogger not to operate?
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    AB Dick 9920 Sheet Jogger

    I have a AB Dick 9920 / Ryobi 3200 whose sheet joggers stopped working quite randomly. I can move them manually, but when the machine is running, they do not move, of course causing the delivery table to remain at it's top position as well. The chain that drives it appears to be in good order. I...
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    Have you tried calling Schaub out of Falconer? 716-665-3217

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