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    Agfa Avalon LF Error A3913

    A media handling NVRAM parameter got a corrupt value, you need a qualified tech to look it up.
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    Finally, A Valid Explanation

    Could this be why a most prominent person running a certain business in Florida still tries to set base in Washington DC ...?
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    MAKO 46 intermittent distorted image

    There is a friction control built in the input cassette you can adjust to a certain degree, clean those friction pads and reassemble. The film must come out pretty tight but not 'very' tight. The shaft encoder basically never fails better don't touch it, drive motors fail quite often though...
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    MAKO 46 intermittent distorted image

    Colin, O-rings should be all same size and tight enough to fit on the OD of bearings without buckling or waving around. Press each segment by hand to make sure they sit properly on their springs, all aligned and no ball bearing is seized. I have yet to see a damaged bearing on a multisegment...
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    Newbie advice needed on Heidelberg Prosetter 74

    Negative. In several ways. That is, the answer is negative. You need negative plates i.e. photopolymer violet sensitive plates. Violet laser (405 nm) platesetters such as Prosetter can only expose plates having sensitivity better than 60 microJoules per sqcm (typical range is 40 to 55 µJ/cm2...
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    The end of Violet CtP

    Hi gordo, most violet plate manufacturers have shrunk down their plate size range offering or even removed some plate types from their portfolios (i.e. ProV) because of low demand. Fujifilm has a strong presence in the UK (and Agfa to some extent), but I wonder why the article disregards other...
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    You can only disable the offset punches from printing machine setup. The registration punches cannot be disabled.
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    QR codes variable data Cut and Stack

    I guess Impostrip Pro does what you need, call Ultimate Technographics.
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    HQRIP 510PC installer needed

    I need a copy of the HQRIP-510PC (v.6 hqn) for Screen please, we have the licenses and dongle but lost the cd. I need to replace the host computer with another and cannot reinstall... Thank you !
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    Celebrate diversity !
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    Harlequin Navigator RIP renames files "Art & Illustration"

    Step 1 : open your page setup manager and edit each page setup at a time by checking the checkbox to 'enable feature', then select 'use filename as jobname' from the pulldown menu. Step 2 : edit each page setup to 'Configure' the tiff generation ; in the next window called 'Tiff configuration'...
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    Screen CTP

    Hagar_uk advice is spot on. Look for a 4300 or 4600 unit with low mileage and ask for a test.
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    Grey Levels

    Aqazi, the number of available grey levels depends on the rip software your customer uses. You didn't mention what software it is. All modern 'super cell' screening solutions based on Adobe library or harlequin or else do minute changes to dot shape as gordo described already, we perceive this...
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    Recommended Options for making Digital Film?

    As far as I know there is no technology remotely comparable to imagesetter film exposure to achieve ± 4 mil spec using sheet or roll fed substrates. Some of my customers had no option but move to DTS machines.
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    Accuset 1400 - black is not black enough

    Check emulsion side. Check roll year of manufacture or 'best before' stamp on label, the film may be old. Replace with a different batch.
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    Accuset 1400 - black is not black enough

    How much lighter is the image ? Make sure the film is red sensitive and check the roll emulsion side.
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    CIP3 Plug-in Configuration

    What harlequin (OEM) do you have ? Is the cip3 option licensed to run ?
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    AGFA 44s Imagesetter Polarizer Jam

    The polarizer is a rotating wheel reducing the laser beam intensity according to the exposure level required. This disc is part of the Spot Generation Module on the carriage and not easily accesible. It seems the motor or polarizer sensor has a problem. Haver you tried restarting the imagesetter.
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    Uv plates discontinued

    Correct. Violet photopolymer plates require 35-55 microJoules/sqcm, that's less than 60 microwatts reading on a laser power meter right above the plate emulsion. Some digital UV plates are sensitive to UV up to and including visible domain 400-405 nm but they need 50-60 mJ/sqcm we're talking...
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    pt 8600 locking laser for shipping

    Should be ok just go slowly. Put path down.

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