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    Characterization Curves

    New in the long perfector world - is it common to have different characterization plate curves for each side of the sheet when perfecting? I am getting slight variations in color from side to side, understandably because each side is printing on complete different units on a perfecting press.
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    Recommendations for printing conventional PMS inks on a UV Litho press?

    We are running a UV Press, and run jobs requiring PMS colors. Can I run PMS colors with conventional inks? I understand I need hybrid rollers and blankets, but are there other issues I may into?
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    Gradient breaks in Printing

    This stepping in the gradient can often be found in the file. The gradients will do this if made in InDesign. They should be made actual size in Photoshop, then imported into InDesign - problem solved!
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    Image viewed on Mac and PC different

    Thanks for all the response. I will look into the output preview. One note to add, our Macs sent files to platesetter for litho and screen prints black only. The PC sends file to digital press and it prints a 4-colour screen. Even if I send file to digital press via the Mac, the digital server...
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    Image viewed on Mac and PC different

    I have a PDF with images on it and an area with a black screen. I send the PDF through Rampage. When I view the ripped PDF on a MAC, the black screen is a black screen. When I view the same ripped PDF on a PC, the black screen is in 4-colour process. :confused: We checked the Adobe Acrabat...
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    Matte AQ coating kills colour

    Ink densities always have to be increased to achieve good colour, match proof especially black solids when running overall matte AQ coating. The problem is dot gain goes from say 18% to 25% for C,M,Y and from 20 to 35% for black, so the screens look much darked than the proof while the solids...
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    Heidelberg versus Komori ?

    Komori operator for over 20 years, great machine, and definitely a money maker. Even seen avid Heidelberg operators very impressed with Komori performance.
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    Pantone inks mottling on offset stocks

    Thank you for the replies. I will try to add silver the next time. What do you recommend for the colors with say 80% trans. white? Do you put less trans white when adding silver or mix color as usual then add the 8% silver?
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    Pantone inks mottling on offset stocks

    Mottle appearance when printing Pantone colours on offset stocks. We tried three differennt ink manufacturers, different blankets but very little change. I've seen printed samples where colours lay down smooth on offset stocks, what's the trick? Premium stock will do it but is there anything...
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    Aqueous Coating on any press?

    The press should be stopped if waiting for a color OK or having feed trouble. Also the Ink Train Coating DOES NOT require heat to dry only air. Also it is recommended to use 30-35 micron spray powder. Call Nicoat yourself and ask for "Instruction for using Generation III Ink Train Coating". It...
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    Allergic Reactions to UV?

    Sorry, I may have a double entry, with same info, wasn't sure whether the first one went through.
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    Allergic Reactions to UV?

    I am attaching a link to an MSDS sheet for UV coating. Link: Section 4 states inhalation of mist or vapor may cause respiratory tract irritation and skin contact causes moderate irritation and redness, possible skin allergen. Section 6 states...
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    Allergic Reactions to UV?

    I've attached a 2009 MSDS sheet for UV coating from Nicoat. Section 4 states inhalation of mist or vapor may cause respiratory tract irritation, skin contact causes moderate irritation and redness, possible skin allergen. Section 6 states Chronic Effects: Dermatitis. May aggravate existing skin...
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    Allergic Reactions to UV?

    Is extracting fumes a recommendation or is it law?
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    Allergic Reactions to UV?

    It is definitely the UV coating causing the reaction. We do not have UV inks in house. When in contact with the wet UV coating, the rash begins to appear the next day and if not treated with a medicated salve the rash will worsen and spread. Tests are scheduled at St. Michaels Hospital inn late...
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    Komori damp chromes sensitive

    Running a newer 29" Komori, and the dampener chrome rollers continually are getting sensitive. It happens on the run, but more so if there are frequent feeder trips. When this happens, we get scumming on the sheet. It can happen to any colour. We've tried different fountain solution (monitored...
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    Recommendations for Cylinder Repairs

    Thank you for the replies. It is on a Roland in Ontario. I have already been directed to Dalcan. Dalcan Services Limited 221 Barton Street, Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada L8E 2K3 905-522-1010
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    Recommendations for Cylinder Repairs

    I've recently damaged 3 cylinders (plate, blanket and impression) with ball bearings. Can anyone recommend a reputable company for repairs? What costs am I facing? Tambo
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    Allergic Reactions to UV?

    I recently met someone who broke out with a severe rash on arms, then spread from there. It was diagnosed as contact dermatitis. Has anyone else experienced allergic reactions to UV coating or the lamps or the exhaust, from anything related to UV? Never had a problem, worked in print shop for...
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    Retractable coating unit

    You can also contact Valentine Machine. Website is VALENTINE MACHINE - Home

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