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    Epson 7800 Printing Issues, Please Help!

    Well obviously something happened. If you want to look for answers on the internet from someone who's never even seen the machine, that's as good a place to start as any. Otherwise call a tech.
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    Soft Proofing/Device Link Profiles questions

    Thing is, PC's are dirt cheap. And most are plenty powerful these days to run a RIP and one printer. Only thing I'd note if you do decide to go that route is to make sure you get Windows Professional and not Home. Setting up a little laptop as a RIP computer is a not in-elegant solution. And...
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    Plot image in a 3D gamut.

    Do you work for free as well?
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    Soft Proofing/Device Link Profiles questions

    Widmark, Well, truth be told, since I stay almost exclusively in large format inkjet, I can't say I've ever seen a use for device link profiles period. I assume they have some use in traditional litho, maybe going from some standard CMYK space like Gracol or SWOP to some specific press space...
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    Soft Proofing/Device Link Profiles questions

    A 12 color Canon? As in an aqueous fine-art machine? If so, the last thing you need to be messing with is device link profiles. (Actually, device-link profiles are pretty worthless in my opinion in large format inkjet printing anyway, but you can salvage a useable product with them if you're...
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    1st largescale tiled wall mural

    Call Onyx tech support. This is the kind of thing they're very good at.
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    Thinking of moving from Epson to Canon... any suggestions

    Hah... No, a few years back when Fred owned it, I was a merchant member. Then whoever the guy is that owns it now bought it and made a bunch of changes, and if anyone questioned the changes, he got irate. I forget what it was, but the old version had some functionality the new one lacked, so I...
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    Thinking of moving from Epson to Canon... any suggestions

    Kaylene, Since I tend to set up workflows and profile machines when they are new, I'm not a real good source of information on maintenance trays. I do know that my personal iPF8400 has one, and when it says to change it I do. That's the extent of my maintenance tray knowledge. Yes, that's...
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    Thinking of moving from Epson to Canon... any suggestions

    Kaylene, If you ever decide to make the jump to a signage-grade machine for your other than fine-art quality work, please take my advice -- I see and profile all these machines in every conceivable configuration -- and forget latex. Right now if I was buying a machine in that category I...
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    Thinking of moving from Epson to Canon... any suggestions

    Kaylene, First off, you can't use a solvent, or eco-solvent, or any kind of signage-type printer, latex included. None of them are capable of producing your photographic artwork at the quality levels you've come to expect from your aqueous machines. And you've also narrowed down to the two...
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    Color management/correction

    Art, Wow... I'm going to give you some advice right off the bat that I know from years of experience you won't take, but it is the best advice you can get and in the end it would prove out to be the cheapest route you can take, and that advice is: Hire me to come set this up for you. It's...
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    Lowest cost per Sq Ft

    Just who is making this claim? And in what condition is the machine when it's achieving this result? The thing is, as you asked the question, it's impossible to answer. Let's just go back to the basic rule that RIP's convert pixels into dots using information given to them by profiles. So a...
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    G 7 certification

    phapp Sports Car Club of America? Yeah, I've heard of them... Oh, wait. Actually, no, I'd never heard of that process. I did some searching and reading though, and I imagine the reason I'd never heard of it is that I stay pretty much in large format inkjet. From the sound of it, that sounds...
  14. Correct Color

    Flatbed inkjet

    moso, As you describe it, no. This isn't normal. Most flatbed machines can unclog nozzles with just a wipe-down and a purge. Questions I'd have: What model of Vanguard have you got, and do you know what printheads it's using? Also how often do you have to do this routine? More than daily...
  15. Correct Color

    G 7 certification

    Gordo, You are absolutely right. I used the word "densities" inadvisedly. The proper term might more be "value" or "L*a*b* value." Or just "the same color as is the primary value in the color space you wish to use this file as calibration for." You and my wife would get along famously. Mike
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    G 7 certification

    Pauly, No. It does not mean that. That's the problem. Think of making a profile. First you have variable elements which you have to define, and among them are your actual primary color values, your actual densities of each colorant, and your total of all colors. In addition, of course, you...
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    G 7 certification

    Which can be quite an assumption, given that they mint out those new "experts" in exactly three days.
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    G 7 certification

    Bobk, It really depends. What G7 is -- and all it is -- is a calibration procedure. Initially, it was developed for offset lithography, because it had been a bedevilment in that industry prior to computer-to-plate that there was no way to anticipate neutral tone curves on analog-generated...
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    Color issues

    To darken colors, turn the ink fountain keys out. To lighten colors, turn the ink fountain keys in. My work here is done. Mike Adams Correct Color
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    Roland vs Mimaki

    Understood. Actually, I'd always assumed they could do that. Still, in most cases -- there are exceptions to every rule -- I just don't think print and cut pays off. Mike

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