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    Customer file submission

    There is a saying in my country; One misfortune is worth a thousand advice. That is, instead of constantly saying something, printing out the faulty work he sent and making him understand. So you did well by doing so. :)
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    Customer file submission

    You can show the management what you did with a problem file and how much time it took. Or you can prepare a report. A KPI chart. Bosses love such things. :) Sample; If the file comes to me without any problems, I can do 200 jobs a week for you. If the print-ready file doesn't arrive, I can do...
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    ArtPro pdf file conversion

    Hi david, I downloaded the PDF file and checked it. I did not see a problem, everything is correct. You can watch it in the attached video.
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    ArtPro+ VDP

    Hi, While vdp can be applied to text in ArtPro+, I cannot VDP to the pdf file called with place. But I can apply vdp to both text and pdf files with Deskpack. Anyone know the reason for this?
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    Dynamic Mark

    Hello, I would like to create a Dynamic Marks File same as attached and also I would like to use this file as Dynamic on the approval files that I prepare. I want; the colors, document name and date to be updated dynamically. Could you please help me, how can I resolve these needs? Note: I...
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    FlexRip 14.0 + 1-bit tiff file

    Thank you very much for the reply. ;)
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    FlexRip 14.0 + 1-bit tiff file

    Hello, I wanna create 1-bit tiff from PDF file wiht FlexRip 14.0, Tiff file data: 200/lpi 2438,4 dpi I am recruit in this job, I do not have any idea about FlexRip, Please help me about how can be create a configuration? Thanks
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    Esko-Step and Repeat (Nested)

    No Problem. Thanks ;)
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    Esko-Step and Repeat (Nested)

    Hi, ArtPro.
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    Esko-Step and Repeat (Nested)

    Hello, I can make pre-press design using step and repeat-nested with cf2. But what i can’t do are “bleed areas” and “station number” on the pre-press design. Can you please help me about this?

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