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    Prinergy server beeping

    Thanks, Joe. I have had the same thought and while the clock shows the correct time, it wouldn't cost much to replace the battery. I'll give it a whirl.
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    Prinergy server beeping

    Our company closed its doors several weeks ago and I shut down and disconnected our servers and platesetters. We have an interested buyer so I reconnected the Prinergy 5 server and the platesetter. When I started the server, it booted, loaded Windows, emitted a lot of beeps then carried on...
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    AGFA 2050 issue

    I really have no idea what type of machine you are using but I have had a thought. Several pieces of equipment we use have stepper motors that move a piece particular distance. But there aren't sensors that tell the machine the part reached the distance but rather how many times it advanced the...
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    Interface Not Supported Prinergy Evo 3.x

    I think we run similar computers and have a Trendsetter News as a platesetter. If what you are trying to do is replace an existing 840 (or create a backup computer) what you might try is cloning the existing computer's hard drive. Then you can try using the clone on the new 840. I have used...
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    Trendsetter problem

    Perhaps this will help:
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    Page Not showing in Preps

    I think I would try building the Preps job again and see what you get.
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    AGFA AccuSet 1000 density issue

    The use of the word "density" is bothering. The only time you need to read the density of the film would be to make sure you are getting the exposure/development you need. You should image a film, read a solid black area and make sure your density is what you expect it to be. It has been a while...
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    "Scratches" on plates?

    I won't argue your point. I can say that we buy from a reputable plate manufacturer and we remove slip sheets by hand so we would notice if edges felt rough. I can't believe that the anodized layer of the plate came of in hairline, perfectly straight lines. And again, if it were a plate issue...
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    "Scratches" on plates?

    Had the problem stemmed from the plates, we would have seen the problem on more than cyan and magenta units. We run more black plates than any other color and we never saw the scratches on a black unit.
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    "Scratches" on plates?

    Alibryan, Someone is paying attention! :-) Yes, rollers were changed and the problem persisted. Again, my best guess as to the why would be that the original set rollers got pieces of metal embedded in them and then the rollers were changed. The 2nd set of rollers again became embedded with...
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    "Scratches" on plates?

    Ultimately the "scratching" issue turned out to be caused by either the ink transfer rollers or the waterform roller. Not sure which since we changed all rollers that touch the plate at the same time. My guess as to what happened is that little pieces of metal (from the ink perhaps?) got...
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    Why would a printer not want to receive a layered PDF?

    I happen to work for one of those companies that request you still send PDF v 1.3 but there is a very good reason. We are a small company and can not afford to keep upgrading our workflow software every time Adobe releases software with updated features. Specifically, any PDFs above version 1.4...
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    Conventional film/processor issue

    My first thought (after you wrote that you had looked into the development) was the focus on the laser or that perhaps the optics are dirty causing the laser to lose focus. You might try imaging the fine lines as a positive just to look at the lines. Maybe it would give you more information.
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    "Scratches" on plates?

    turbotom, Appreciate the thought but no, we do not have automatic plate hanging.
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    "Scratches" on plates?

    "Changing inks" would be up to our pressroom manager but I don't think we have switched. We may have received a new tote but I can't say for sure nor do I know if an ink analysis was ever requested. Our current plan (since the problem is not solved) is to put the cleanup trays on the units, give...
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    "Scratches" on plates?

    Alois, Yes, plates are checked before leaving the plating area - have not seen scratches. Scratches develop while press run progresses since we have seen no scratch printing at beginning of run but later in run you have a scratch printing.
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    "Scratches" on plates?

    Thanks for the responses so far. I forgot to mention that this issue has (for the most part) been sporadic. You might get scratches on this job but not necessarily the next. I do have a unit that has put these marks on a plate on 4 consecutive jobs (with some marks being in the same location)...
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    "Scratches" on plates?

    We are a commercial print shop running Goss Community presses. In the last 3 months we have been experiencing what I will call "scratches" that print on the finished product. On a newspaper page, the scratches run top to bottom and are hairline thickness. I have attached 4 photos we took with a...
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    Evo 5.1.6 workflow file location

    Not sure about your setup but our Prinergy 5 server has a number of network shares. One of those is for Preps. On the Preps share there is a folder called "Templates". That contains the Prinergy Process Templates.
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    Re: "Unable to create the output directory" error in RIP

    This actually has to do with our Print Console computer but it doesn't delete files after it send to the platesetter. We periodically have to clear the folder of old files. So the problem you get is, Prinergy can't create a file or folder because the destination drive is full. This might apply...

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