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    hidden layers in Illustrator?

    Get an actual PDF editor. As our industry moves to PDFs, it is becoming increasingly important. I know they are expensive but they are also very efficient in allowing you to work in PDF as if you have the native files.
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    After more than a quarter of a century, Dynagram is withdrawing...

    Agreed, we partnered with Dynagram for many years when I was at Artwork Systems. I always loved getting together with you and the rest of the team.
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    ArtPro pdf file conversion

    I opened your document in PACKZ and was able to convert that second black to the CMYK black in about 2 seconds. Do you need the file back?
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    dxf to cff2

    Do you have a CAD program?
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    Any pdf 2.0 viewer/reader within sight?

    Try PackzView out. It's a free PDF reader based on the Packz technology.
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    Hybrid Packz & RIP vs Esko

    This depends on where in the world you live.
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    Label Congress

    I'm curious, who is planning on attending Label Congress in Chicago next week?
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    PRINTING United Expo-2021 Cancelled

    My guess is he is referring to your blanket statement that trade shows are frowned upon by major vendors. While I understand that this is maybe true for the press manufacturers because of the cost of equipment and such. I don't think it is true for all major vendors. There is still a lot of...
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    PRINTING United Expo-2021 Cancelled

    I attended the converters expo a few weeks ago in Green Bay. Very well attended and it seemed that everybody was just happy to be at a show again. I look forward to having a booth at Label Congress. Hope to see some of you there.
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    Esko WebCenter alternative?

    FYI, Viki is no longer in business. They were purchased by Blue Software which in turn was purchased by Esko. Cloudflow Proofscope is an alternative. If you ever want a demonstration I can arrange a webinar for you. here is another video showing some of the features of Cloudflow Proofscope.
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    Pdf saved with/without Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities

    I think @Dov Isaacs would agree, Illustrator was never meant to be a PDF editor. Nor was InDesign. Our industry is has become PDF-based. Design is Illustrator-based. Adobe with Illustrator has the best design software in the world hands down. However, when you move past design, the best file...
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    Looking for Cincinnati area prepress operator

    One of my customers, a flexo and digital label manufacturer is looking for a prepress operator in the Cincinnati area that is willing to work onsite 40 hours a week + overtime. If you are interested, please drop me a message and I will make the introduction.
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    How to explain "overprint" to dumb clients?

    Bill, feel free to email me and I will hook you up.
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    How to explain "overprint" to dumb clients?

    Bill, you have to fill out a company name first. Then that field will open up.
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    How to explain "overprint" to dumb clients?

    Just throwing this out there. We offer a free PDF viewer that always shows transparencies and overprints accurately. You could have your customers register for this and install it.
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    Your Prepress department

    I am in sales for Hybrid Software. I used to be a prepress guy in my former life but now I get the joy of selling software to companies in our industry. I hear the same desire from ownership/management all the time. They want everybody to have global expertise. There are many reasons why this...
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    MIS Recommendation?

    I work in the Packaging industry as a software vendor. I'm guessing you are a commercial sheet feed printer, However, if you are doing labels or folding carton work many of my customers are using either LabelTraxx or CERM.
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    Print PDF for printing on glass

    I would suggest you download the free version of our PDF editor Packz, called PackzView. This will always show you what any PDF rip will create. No need to worry about overprint previews. PackzView understands the PDF structure much better than other free viewers. PACKZVIEW Attached is a...
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    Font-Specific Trap Error

    Have you thought about getting a PDF editor like Hybrid Software PACKZ? I recreated your file and trapped it. The results are great in PACKZ.
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    The future of PDF editor softwares - PACKZ vs ArtPro+

    PressIT, you might find this interesting. Pactions is a new feature that comes standard with PACKZ. Pactions allow you to either record things that you do and replay them on other documents or you can build your own action list to replay on other documents. I work for Hybrid, if you would like...

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