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  1. dundi

    Konica Minolta Accurio C14000

    Quick update...while we are still technically in training mode (still waiting on training for the finishing features) we are able to print simple one and two sided jobs. With that being said, we are already re-doing a job that printed on 130# C1s card stock. Seems there were some fusing issues...
  2. dundi

    Konica Minolta Accurio C14000

    Thanks to all for the valuable input. We start training today so I will be sure to be on the look out for some of the issues you mention, especially the problems with reds. I'll be sure to post an update in the near future.
  3. dundi

    Konica Minolta Accurio C14000

    On that note, any feedback would be appreciated :)
  4. dundi

    Konica Minolta Accurio C14000

    We are currently installing a KM Accurio C14000. Looking for some feedback on what potential problems to look out for. Experienced operators would be a preference (already got the sales pitch)
  5. dundi

    Polar EMC137 user manual

    Looking for a Polar EMC137 user manual. Preferably in pdf format
  6. dundi

    Hybrid workflow recommendations (flexo/screen/digital)

    I would love to know your reply Pete. I am researching automation options for my company as well and have some of the same concerns that Topher has. Thank you.
  7. dundi

    Polar/Mohr 137EMC not accurate

    We have a Polar/Mohr 137EMC Cutter that is not cutting accurately. When set at 5" it cuts at slightly less (approx 4.97") and when set at 50" it is considerably over. Closer to 50.125". Anyone else run into this issue?
  8. dundi

    Overview of Koenig & Bauer's Extensive Portfolio of Digital Presses

    Great video!! And great to see Eric Frank still kicking butt in the world of digital printing!! Dan Brown
  9. dundi

    Poll: Project Management for Prepress and/or Design

    we use a business management system called TQT. Its very robust and customizable and also not industry specific. You tailor it to your specific workflow. It's success is very dependent on proper input and tracking from estimating to pre-press to press to finishing to shipping to billing. For...
  10. dundi

    Need VDP Software Advice...

    Not sure if this helps, but HP has a plug-in called Smartstream that has pretty powerful VD capabilities. Last i checked it sold for approx $500. It comes with their Indigo digital presses. However, I can't say for sure if you can only buy the plug-in if you own an Indigo. I use this plug-in...

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