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    Apogee 12 anyone else running this version?

    We started using Apogee 12 about 3 months ago. Anyone else on this version? Anyone else want to hear the bugs we have encountered, and escalated with AGFA support? Anyone else loving the "Phone Support" system AGFA has… We were on another system prior and they had a web based system you could...
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    Colour Perception Test

    Big fat goose egg.
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    Illustrator - a good trick

    Most people working in Illustrator and saving out as PDF don't really know what the settings do. Not all PDF's are created equal.
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    Epson not showing posterization in proof

    Tried re-ripping test files with GCR on and off with no change to ripped files. Normally we have it turned off.
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    Epson not showing posterization in proof

    I tend to think it's not press curves because there can be several images on the same sheet yet only one of the images is the issue.
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    Epson not showing posterization in proof

    Gordo, Thank you for the feedback. I have used the Spatter filter as well to fix banding and prefer Spatter to fix. This seems to be a much deeper degree of posterization. I did consider the dot gain characterization curves and ran without them to see if this changed the look. It did not. I will...
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    Font-Specific Trap Error

    I noticed when working in Prinergy for several years that the updates were giving different (Bad) trapping results. We found the centers of "O"s and "A"s were not trapping as expected (no trap at all). This may be rumor but at one point the trapping engine for Prinergy license was lost and Kodak...
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    Apogge, tiff 1 Bit Files

    The Raster Blaster connection to CTP is not usually Ethernet. Ours is setup with USB to the blue box.
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    Apogee vs Prinect

    Looking at upgrading our prepress systems and want to get any and all opinions from users who have used both systems to better understand the pros and cons of each.
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    Epson not showing posterization in proof

    I'm producing contract proofs for product catalogs with product shots and when I output Epson proofs they look great and gets approved. Once on press some images show strong posterization on press. I have to fix these using blur, noise after upping to 16 bit. Is there a way to catch these images...
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    Plato Moch up with Dimensions

    This is what I have started exploring as a smartmark to give me the mark sets needed to have dimensions print out on a moch up. Thank you for your response Josh.
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    Plato Moch up with Dimensions

    We used to use Preps and could print out a Moch up of the layout showing boxes and the dimensions of all pages and gutters. Trying to find a way to do this in Esko Plato. Need to be able to output a letter size PDF with the dimensions of all pages, or in the case of our work labels, gutters...

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