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    Toner vs. Inkjet stickers?

    "durable enough" is subjective. I've printed many stickers/labels on our Xerox color laser equipment over the years. Various uses for them. I've never had a client say they didn't hold up to their expected level of durability.
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    Crop marks - n00b question

    2 methods I've used: - If the layout is known, such as how far apart each item (slip) is from adjoining ones, then I would always cut two adjacent sides first to make a finished corner. From there it's a matter of math as to what to set the successive cuts to - Don't cut 1 sheet and use the...
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    dimensions or a template for Xerox Tab Sheets?

    I encountered this in the past with a tab supplier whose tab spacing was different than what I was used to. I did the math myself (it was US standard, not metric), something like this: A4 = 297mm tall 1st tab edge is 1/2" = 12.7 mm from the top edge of sheet; same 12.7 mm non-tab space at the...
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    Creaser Folder Recommendation

    How many sheets are you running? +1 on the CF375 as long as your quantity isn't too great. I've found the feeding and repeatability/registration to be really good. I have an earlier model and the first crease can only be at approximately 1" or more from the leading edge of the sheet. For your...
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    UV Coater Recommendation Sought

    Thank you both for the responses. So far I've seen a virtual demo of Duplo's model 200. It seems promising as far as ease of operation and cleanup. There is an IR lamp present (with an option for a 2nd) with specific mention of it being needed for Konica toner sheets. I will be speaking with TEC...
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    Custom perforated paper in large quantity

    It varied but it was typically a few weeks. As @jwheeler mentioned BlanksUSA was one I've used, as is Performance Office Papers.
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    Custom perforated paper in large quantity

    I've had similar needs in the past. My paper merchant (Lindenmeyr) placed custom orders with the companies that produce standard perf items. It's worked very well both on price and in runnability.
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    Duplo Booklet Maker Error

    You're welcome and I'm glad it worked out for you. Yes, blowing some air through there got me out of a few situations. There's also a sensor on the bottom inside of the machine that took some work to get to in order for it to be cleaned.
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    Duplo Booklet Maker Error

    From what I remember, there is a small motor inside the front cover with a right angle worm gear that drives the stapler bar. One of the gears was plastic and wore down over time. There may also be a toothed wheel which is read by a sensor that keeps track of the movement of the stapler bar. The...
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    Raffle Ticket Books stapling

    How many raffle books do you do per job? We outsource jobs of a few hundred books or more to a vendor that specializes in this type of product.
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    UV Coater Recommendation Sought

    Bump. I have heard forum members bring up a Graphic Wizard coater. Hoping for some opinions.
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    Grand-kids are priceless - true story

    Great story! The days and weeks are long, but the years are short...
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    Do I have to laminate both sides for folds

    Why not get a prototype made without any lamination and see if it withstands your expected amount of use? A properly scored piece of card stock should fold cleanly with and against the grain.
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    UV Coater Recommendation Sought

    We've got an older offline 15" wide TEC flood coater with Fenimore drum feeder. This has been a very reliable machine for over 15 years. Alas, it is time to replace it, as it's a little worse for wear and it seems there's some features out there that might benefit our operation. We run a few...
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    Plugged drill bit

    Thanks for the tip about waxing the inside @jwheeler. It did help things out immensely. I've got to brush up on best practices now. I read that all chads should be cleaned out of the drills at the end of the job/day because as they cool they will expand and increase the possibility of plugging?
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    Looking for a good freight carrier to ship my Xerox Versant 180

    Mayflower Movers transported a few pieces of copier-type equipment for me without issue. You also may want to focus on someone who is "Air Ride" equipped for a gentler ride. Have you already committed to being the responsible shipper? I've also sold equipment and left the transportation up to...
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    Plugged drill bit

    Running a Challenge MS5 drill press. Drilling perfect bound books, 40/50# uncoated offset with 10 pt. C1S covers. Drilling format calls for 5 holes: four of them with a 5/16" hole, and a 9/16" hole in the center of the row of holes. The 9/16" drill bit is getting plugged almost immediately. Have...
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    Any tips for repairing a rubber roller on an UV coater?

    I've got a 15" wide offline TEC UV coater. I keep a spare rubber roller on hand and send the used up one out for recoating to a place in Maryland. Cost is about $375. Maybe this helps you decide what route to take.
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    Opinions needed....

    If you feel your reputation would be tarnished, then I would say don't accept the supplied envelopes anymore. If this is a valued client, and you've shown them examples of the defective envelopes they've brought in, it's a component that you can print yourself, and they'll still look to place...
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    Lines in the print on iJet 1175P

    I run a different type of inkjet printer, but I've seen an issue like this when the adjoining print heads overlap each other just a little bit. Tech has come in to fine adjust the head positions and the line(s) goes away. I'm printing black only, so the number of heads I'm dealing with is...

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