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  1. danremaley

    Grey Balance at Press

    Check out this reference piece, showing grey balance.
  2. danremaley

    Brunner Color info

    I have many training articles from Brunner, contact me directly to send items. Here’s a couple-
  3. danremaley

    Grey Balance at Press

    A few of us believe that printing to grey balance at press is important. Many can’t afford G7 or a consultant for help. Nearly all the RIP’s have a ‘measured’ file and a “WANTED” file. Has anybody ever supplied the values for this ‘Wanted’ file? We’ll I have, I measured many sheets and averaged...
  4. danremaley

    TVI basics

    See if this helps. . .
  5. danremaley

    Non-profiled offset printing

    Here is a simple method to get great color reproduction, including uncoated! IF the printer will work with you . . .
  6. danremaley

    Non-profiled offset printing

    Here's an easy method to get the best reproduction. . .
  7. danremaley

    Gcr for pdf

    In Photoshop, some colors do change a little (depends on the color) - less change from dedicated software. In either case, there will be less variation in color during the press run than a traditional or UCR scan.
  8. danremaley

    Dot gain test sheet layout

    Print a GATF test form with ladder bars. The bars will show any distortion front to back / side to side. The spec. Is .06 density front to back. Call with any questions 412.889.7643
  9. danremaley

    Gcr for pdf

    Here is a great example of GCR - open these images in Photoshop and look at each color side by side. . .
  10. danremaley

    Colour standards and correction for offset

    Email me and I’ll send you a copy of the best book I know for color reproduction. ‘Color Control in Lithography’
  11. danremaley

    Gcr for pdf

    Here’s my nickels worth- GCR affects all tri-chromatic colors (Y-M-C). The ‘graying’ component of a color is reduced and replaced with black. I.e. “reds” graying component is Cyan. Blues graying component is Mag. GCR - “pushes” the tone scale to be more saturated or less saturated in the...
  12. danremaley

    Ladder Bars User Guide

    Attached is the User Guide for Ladder Bars that will truly show press problems. Call with any questions 412.889.7643 or
  13. danremaley

    Gray Balance consistency run

    Printing 50/49/40 is impossible! These values are at or near the midtone area - where the midtone dot gain changes under the best conditions (+/- 2%} is the standard deviation of a good press! So as long as these gains climb together- you get a ‘darker’ grey - when one goes up or down relative...
  14. danremaley

    G 7 certification

    “If you imaged plates from linear film and printed using ISO conforming ink hues to the specified densities then you would automatically achieve grey balance. Great” No such luck! The dot gains make grey balance (at density). The proofs were Matchprint SWOP. At density the midtone gain was...
  15. danremaley

    North American Print Survey '70's

  16. danremaley

    North American Print Survey '70's

    Interesting survey -
  17. danremaley

    Press Testing-

    What are the specifications for a printing press? Here's a guide-
  18. danremaley

    System Brunner - Grey Balance

    Here are some good articles by Felix Brunner-
  19. danremaley

    G 7 certification

    So here’s a little ‘history’ of color reproduction. In the ‘old days’ we had ‘trade houses’ which produced color separations for the printers. I was one of those - so how did we know how to make the separation’s? We made them all to SWOP - (Specifications for Web Offset Publications) - based on...
  20. danremaley

    printing certification

    . . .a great story-I did some consulting for a company (Branch Smith) in Texas. They won the prestigious Malcolm Baldridge Award - I believe the ONLY printing company to do so. While there I found several issues, a big one was the press was ‘doubling’ in the Magenta Unit - I called and asked...

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