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    Gradients in Flexography

    Not really the strong point for flexo. Either try to keep everything at 1%, dont make a complet fade out Use special RIP-like Samba Flex Decrease Lineatur Use a second weaker color for the highlight area Productionwise you always also have the bump up for the specific plate and plate thickness...
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    GMG Opencolor Greybalance

    Hello, i wanted to ask if GMG colorprofiles only correct the TVI or does it also correct how the colours interact which each other? Specially with Greybalance it would be interesting. Why do I need the G7 Process when I can simply add more grey patches in my testchart and let GMG do the whole...
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    Custom Built vs Pre-Built PC’s?

    Sorry if it is a little bit out of context but I can recommend the series secret shopper that linus tech tipps made. For me it shows the main issue with prebuilts, they just want to sell and dont really care about your needs. Another thing i am also always careful is the bloatware they already...
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    Is it common practice to use fingerprint plates only one time?

    Hello everyone, how often do you use your fingerprint plates? Do you wash them and use them for diffrent aniliox, colors, customers? Is washing and sending the cliche back a standard process for you and your customers? And do you double wash them to be sure? Is there a point where you draw the...
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    fingerprint for transparent substrat without white backing

    the questions is, what if we dont have a opaque white. For example a see through waterbottle.
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    fingerprint for transparent substrat without white backing

    Hello, is it possible to have a color correct a print, so that the paper printed proof and the tranparent print without white backing while "holding it into the air" colormatch? Is there somewhere a workflow which describes this problematik? I was thinking maybe do a fingerprint but measure it...
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    GMG Colorproof is slow

    Can you tell me more? So proofmaster wrote for gmg or were part of the team which wrote Colorproof? Because GMG still exist so in what kind were they sold off?
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    An Issue of Productivity

    Right now in the company i work for i have to feeling we have to less meetings. Everybody is fighting on their own and in this way no bigger project is possible. But at one point i kinda had a "meeting" with one of my coworkers because a installation of a new machine was started and we had a...
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    GMG Colorproof is slow

    Did somebody expierence something similiar and what did solve his/her problem? I dont want to try anything so time consuming without a certain amount of confidence that it will solve the problem. Also shouldnt that issue already solved when we are installing from time to time new updates...
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    GMG Colorproof is slow

    Its hard to simply test it on a other maschine because its very integrated in or process and the data base is serval 100gb big. The minium specs we exceed by far. Processor: i9-9980xe Memory: 32GB RAM, 1TB M.2 SSD Graphicscard: nvidia quadro p400 and of course internet access. The AntiVirus...
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    GMG Colorproof is slow

    Hello everbody, we are using GMG Colorproof to manage our characterizations. But the program is very slow and occasional crashes. Problem is we are using the same server also for other nations and when it crashes the other places cant restart it on their own. We are already using a high core...
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    VA for ESKO Automation Engine

    Hello everbody, can somebody recommend me a virtuell Assistent who can help me with the ESKO Automation Engine. Instead of learning everything myself, i like to have a person who can teach me and help me with getting everything setup. Languages can be english, german or polish. Did somebody, do...

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