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    AC Transfer Mode? Ricoh c9100

    If I recall correctly - I think it can be good for difficult/textured stocks to get a good transfer
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    Ricoh C9100, print size keeps changing.

    Make sure 'Image Magnification Auto Adjust' is off in both machine settings and stock settings.
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    Ryobi 522HXX Feed Table Problem

    Hi, wondering if anyone could help, it's a long shot though. We have a Ryobi 522HXX and the feed table won't lower by using the switch. It can be lowered using the manual override switch in the back panel so it's not a problem with the actual mechanism, it seems more electrical.
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    Ricoh 7100 - printing white in black paper

    Off the top of my head, for our 9100 J098 is either over shift or over skew. Try turning Skew Detection off or Registration adjustment across feed off. They will be in the custom paper settings if they are there. Not sure if they are on the 7100 as well or just the 9100
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    Versant Press Drum/Toner/Parts Shortages

    All the same problems here in the UK! Getting really annoying now, they need to solve the quality problems
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    Is the ricoh pro c9200 a good machine ?

    Yes, plenty control which is great but our problem is perpendicularity so the image isn't perfectly square. As I say, it's an old machine though that has had a hard life so these things are to be expected over time.
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    Is the ricoh pro c9200 a good machine ?

    We have a 9100 that we got used. Brilliant machine, an absolute workhorse! All depends what kind of jobs your doing though as with any machine. Only drawback so far really is registration/perpendicularity problems. I think these stem from it being an old machine though, and going by what the...
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    major black issue with Ricoh 9100

    Try running a developer refreshing, it won't do any harm though the techs have probably already tried this. If you're on a service contract and had the machine from new it should have all the correct dev units but as I said, that was what caused a similar problem for us with Cyan and Magenta so...
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    major black issue with Ricoh 9100

    If I were you, I'd at least check the units are the correct ones. There are 3 types I think. K, C/M, and Y. I know they are very expensive parts but that was definitely the issue with ours. As I say though, ours was with the Cyan and Magenta so don't take my word for it as it could just be a...
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    major black issue with Ricoh 9100

    The blacks from the 9100 are one of the downfalls but don't think ours is as bad as that. We had a similar issue with cyan and magenta, turned out the machine had the wrong developer units installed, have you checked your black dev unit and developer?
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    Xerox OHCF Envelope Printing (Versant 180)

    We run envelopes on our 280 and 80 before that. Pippip is right, make sure you're using quality envelopes. Also, I always use a custom paper size so I know that it is accurate.
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    Ricoh 9200 & Xerox Iridesse Registration

    We have just gotten a second hand 9100 and sheet to sheet registration is brilliant, 9200 is apparently a big upgrade from that too. Would depend how close register your foiling and embossing is. I would say, try to go and get demos of the machine and take your own job to run and do a real...
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    Knackered imaging drum or something else?

    Could be condensation on the laser windows. A Xerox engineer once told us they had a customer that has to physically heat their machine up with a gas heater in the morning before running it.
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    Jitter on Ricoh C5200?

    We had this issue on our Xerox Versant 80. Same story, was fine until about 4 years in. It's called impulse banding and is to do with the juddering caused when the front edge of the sheet hits the fuser and the back is still being transferred. I assume it must be a common problem on the...
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    Large Laminating / Coating job

    I agree with the Vivid Matrix. We have one and it's great. Don't have an automatic feeder so it's hand feed to gate for us, however on the occasion we have a bigger run like that, I get the headphones on and either listen to music or even watch a movie! It's not too bad. Don't know if Vivid...
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    Guillotining Laminated Stocks

    What do you mean by wrecking the bottom sheets? Also, is the blade still sharp? (I know you said you changed it last month but obviously depending what you're cutting it might be dull by now) If it was sharp, is it damaging the blade when cutting the laminated stock?
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    Ricoh Pro C9100 - J002

    Cheers - Ricoh engineer solved the problem. It was actually the paper dust filter was clogged up so there wasn't enough suction to pick up the sheet.
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    Ricoh Pro C9100 - J002

    Our Ricoh c9100 keeps misfeeding from tray 1 and throwing up the jam code J002 - anyone any ideas on what's causing this?
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    Versant 180/ to get jobs in the "printed" queue.

    Is this what you're experiencing? We not long upgraded to the 280 and as it's the new Fiery, it does the same. Quite annoying as I normally like to get rid of jobs in the held queue after I...

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