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    Ricoh or Konica

    Shawnd, do you have any idea if the same might apply to the Pro 9100 and the Pro 9200? I noticed that the 7100 and the 9100 were launched nearly the same year 2014/2015 and the 7200 and 9200 were launched in 2018. We have a proposal from Ricoh on a refurb 9100 and so if that BW issue existed on...
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    Ricoh or Konica

    That's good to know. Thanks!
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    Ricoh or Konica

    Our frustration has been with both the machine and in one occasion the service techs (3 different ones) could not find a solution to an issue when we had a duplex job that would jam on the 1052. We finally replaced all the paper sensors in the duplexing section and that solved the problem. We...
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    Ricoh or Konica

    We are looking to upgrade our KM 1070 and 1052 and trying to decide on Ricoh or Konica. Our Konica experience has been a little lackluster. We looked at a Ricoh 9200 and liked it. Both companies are giving us good quotes. Does anyone have experience with both brands in their own shop and which...

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