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    Rigid packaging

    Sure. Distance, sampling, logistics will be important factors
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    Imposition editor and other

    We outsource our printing and focus mainly on binding and other post printing work. We receive files from our clients who know nothing about printing and binding or are simply careless. We resize the pages and sometimes do a little editing and send for printing. Sometimes we ask for imposed pdf...
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    Debossing Foiling troubles

    Thanks. I had not realized while posting. Will take care next time.
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    Debossing Foiling troubles

    I will delete and look for possible correct forum. Perhaps post press or packaging. Edit- somehow couldn't find delete option, found edit option though. May be admin can delete
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    Debossing Foiling troubles

    Many times we are required to do debossing or foiling on book covers. I shall focus here on debossing. While debossing especially on PU covered hard case book covers we are not getting good results especially where patches are involved. Sometimes we directly do on unpasted covers. The images are...
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    Artwork filing/foldering practice

    Yes. We are primitive. Therefore, we don't have an order numbering system. We get the files from customers. Most of the times we have to edit them. Sometimes, we send them back to customers ( who mostly want us to edit again). Then we send these files to printers for offset printing. When the...
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    Artwork filing/foldering practice

    In our case, many a times I need to reprint, say after 2 years. And, I may have edited a file several times before Finally printing. I usually keep those edited (intermediate) files. Sometimes I find it difficult to find which file was finally printed. How should one name those edited files...
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    Artwork filing/foldering practice

    Is there any standard practice for file naming / filing in folder and folder naming for the artworks? What I can imagine is I make folders (in my PC) in the name of customers. e.g. cus 1, cus 2 etc. Next in tree would be folders named after jobs job 1, job 2 etc. In these job folders would be...
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    Switching Support

    I am not happy with your support, I will call your principal. Great, they will ask you to buy a new machine through me
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    Over 970 Companies Removed Misleading Anti-Paper Statements in Anti-Greenwash Campaign

    I think paper is the most durable, reliable and green medium. Other media create pollution somewhere and highly unreliable.
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    What? Fire a Customer?!

    All the reasons you mentioned about customer not becoming welcome are true. Considering present circumstances a soft lending would be prudent for me. It's all a demand and supply game, in my opinion. Time is not on our side
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    Rigid packaging

    We are considering a v grooving machine (flat bed type because they can groove mdf and don't curl the board). There are 2 types to my knowledge. Type 1- Board is placed on table manually . Table moves through grooving blades Type 2- belts and rollers carry the board through a straight/ flat...
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    Horizon BQ270 perfect binder Logic/Ladder

    Does anyone have Logic/Ladder for Horizon BQ270 perfect binder? Horizon seems to focus on selling new models. Their support for electronics seems to have dried up for older machines, or, is astronomically expensive. It's the right time to install a PLC for those who can't afford new models.
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    Gloss Paper is GONE...

    To me it seems to be world over
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    Paper Triage

    Will shortage prove to be suicidal for paper and print industry in the long run. Print is already facing onslaught from digitisation
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    Paper Triage

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    Horizon BQ 270 PCB logic/ladder

    We have 2 Horizon BQ 270 perfect binders. They are pretty old and discontinued by the manufacturer. Of the two only one is working. It is very difficult nigh impossible to locate any electronic faults. And, replaced main pcb card also got damaged. Economics now doesn't allow us to purchase new...
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    People mag may end print edition...

    It's fun to read a paper printed magazine. The new people have some fancy ideas but spoil the show. Or, on second thought, is paper shortage responsible for this?
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    A Product's Life

    The end user. As soon I buy the life is over and it was crap. Now buy the latest technology.
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    Paper Shortage?

    At these prices will printing and paper business sink further, already under onslaught from digitisation?

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