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    Help-- Need comments extracted to print.

    well a work around was open in it google chrome then save it out. Somehow it flattens the art... weird but it worked.
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    What's Driving Mac vs. PC Purchasing Today?

    we use both- and there are pluses for both platforms. our prepress work stations are mainly MAC but with a couple of PCs.
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    Help-- Need comments extracted to print.

    Hi All I have a pdf that I need to print for a school. they have the teachers addition with the answers in comments. I can print them straight out of Acrobat but when I try the print- save as PDF it tells me I cannot do it. And I have tried saving out EPS PS and nothing. As I am searching does...
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    Visual indicator for pressman

    could you not have "blue lines" with the stages of runs. So run 1 would have X colors then run 2 would have X more showing on each blue line - All the pressman has to look at is the "blue line" and the printed sheet to see where he was at. We do have multiple passes and then it can be multiple...
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    Does anyone want to sell their Rampage Workflow?

    sorry could not find them
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    Fiery XF 6.2.x (4900 G7 Proofer) issue with long files not passing

    Hello I am getting an a verification fail recently on jobs that seem to be over 24 inches long. When I crop the file down it passes. back to full length it fails again. Same file in the RIP que. I have attached the verification fail that was cut off of a 30 inch piece. In the same image there is...
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    Working with client supplied files and white ink

    we had an acuity 1600 with the caldera RIP there were a couple of ways to setup white ink.
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    Enfocus SWITCH and Fuji XMF - to intergrate or not

    LOL we just got rid of EFI PACE and metrix
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    Enfocus SWITCH and Fuji XMF - to intergrate or not

    Hello all --info-- We have recently merged another smaller company. we have about 30 employees the other company was 7 (inclucding 2 owners). Long story short it has been 5 months and there has been no clear direction on which workflow to use. As it stand right now I have put band aides on...
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    Unemployed 50-something pre-press tech wondering if its time to switch gears.

    I have thought about doing prepress work from home and going on site if needed. do you all think that could work?
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    while I am waiting for kodak to call back

    sucks when you have to take that route
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    while I am waiting for kodak to call back

    that is strange- the plate should be a plate it does not see emulsion. We went from Fuji to kodak plates and basically had to do nothing to the DART. I would think the plate should not be a factor and it is coincidence that it has stopped. we had an issue a few years ago that usually the cyan...
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    Rasterize vector objects

    you could use acrobat edit it select the object edit with illustrator and rasterise
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    while I am waiting for kodak to call back

    do you mean changed to Fuji Plates? We just changed from Fuji to Kodak
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    has anyone used Enfocus online proofing.

    I am looking into online proofing systems and wondering if anyone has feedback on enfocus online proofing
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    New KM-1 Press and hot foil problem

    LOL yah sales always act amazed. Though Abe from Konica seems to be on top of it. Comes from a prepress background. they did some testing he knew of on foil. trainers and support will be back monday :)
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    New KM-1 Press and hot foil problem

    Press is still new we have trainers and support here right now. The sales person was a bit baffled.
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    New KM-1 Press and hot foil problem

    thanks we are going to look into that
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    New KM-1 Press and hot foil problem

    Hello we just tried to foil over a printed sheet off our new KM-1. we are having issues with the foil sticking. I was told several foils where tried. The coverage is pretty good where the foil is not sticking. It is a forest and has a lot of ink. Anyone have suggesttions?

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