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    Pantone hikes Connect pricing bigly

    The whole Pantone/X-Rite/ESKO conglomerate really comes across as one large grifting syndicate.
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    Plate damage on tail

    Ashok, Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, I don't have the old style LH-PJ plates on hand anymore. Those were gone several months ago. The LH-PJ plates were discontinued in light of LH-PJ2 plates. You are correct that we are using autoloaders, so the overtightening issue is non-existent...
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    Plate damage on tail

    Checking to verify that the plates are getting punched on platesetter at the proper depth so it fits into plate cylinder registartion pins OK. We've never had the issue with the LH-PJ plates made in the US. This has only happened on the LH-PJ2 plates (made in Japan). Will be measuring plates out...
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    Plate damage on tail

    We are a folding carton plant and run all Heidelberg XL-145's. Have been running Fuji plates for past 4 years (LH-PJ). Had to switch to LH-PJ2 plates (mfg. in Japan) a few months ago. Encountering something re: the tail edge of the plates (2 images attached) The first image was from one of our...
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    Apogee vs Prinect

    Haven't worked in Apogee in nearly 9 years, but used it for sheetfed offset signatures. Current firm I work for uses Prinect and SignaStation for imposition / output for very large format folding carton work. It was tied in with Preps to auto populate impositions. The imposition part wasn't an...
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    Fuji acquires RAMPAGE's support contracts

    Worked for a Prepress house that was one of the first beta test sites for RAMPage. Overall a great system and platform. Kind of sad to see it falling by the wayside.

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