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  1. Manafaith

    Yes....Still have it available

    Yes....Still have it available
  2. Manafaith

    RAMPAGE The Last Version

    We have the last/latest Version....right before Fuji absorbed them, (13.0 I believe) Of Rampage that we are taking out of commission today due to an install of a new Platsetter that Rampage will not drive. If anyone is in need of a Rampage Box that is still running flawlessly, throw me an offer...
  3. Manafaith

    Ricoh 9100: Slip Sheets and Speed

    If you insert blank after last page using the exact same paper settings there should be no noticeable slowdown at all as gregbatch mentioned above. I only want to hang myself when truly running mixed media on the 9100, its like watching paint dry
  4. Manafaith

    The floppy

    Zips were a gift from God when they came out. Was always having to get files over to the Service Bureau's to get film output and it sure made file portability a cinch........ahhhhhhhh the good ole days
  5. Manafaith

    The floppy

    Just found it humorous since I haven't seen one of those since the late 90's (at least that's what it feels like)
  6. Manafaith

    The floppy

    Just had someone bring in a 5.25 Floppy to retrieve their artwork :eek: Not quite sure where to stick it. That's a blast from the past
  7. Manafaith

    Ricoh C9110 recommendations

    Yes the 9100 Does struggle quite badly with screens of black when used on color pages but does fine if only printing black and white which is kind of odd but it is what it is. I usually convert Black Screens to either a close PMS color or a process build in PisStop and they print beautiful but...
  8. Manafaith

    MGI Meteor Unlimited Color Press

    No I didn't. The price came back Waaaaaaay more than the rep told us it would be which pretty much cooked any interest we had in it
  9. Manafaith

    Should I buy my own equipment?

    Agree with Socket.... Best case Scenario you pick up a digital and pay 4 Cent Clicks (depending on your deal) You can run 4 on 12 x 18 or 13 x 19 = $600 Click Charge. Rough guess would be at $100/M on your Stock (depending on your region) That's $1500. Just those 2 numbers already put you at...
  10. Manafaith

    Paper - Let's Solve This Together

    We have had major increases across the board and were told that for our region, many factors are contributing to it. 1st was that a couple major mills shut down and the second was anybody west of the Rockies were going to see increases due to the lack of truck drivers and skyrocketing freight...
  11. Manafaith

    Chipping in Bindery

    So everything mentioned here so far has been tried to no avail. Just chocking it up to "whatever can go, will go wrong" on this one. Ricoh production facility said they had no issues whatsoever but threw the samples away rather than sending them back to us to see so we just moved forward with...
  12. Manafaith

    Chipping in Bindery

    AMEN TO THAT!!!! Sometimes I wonder how I stumbled into printing (what was I thinking) It was purely by accident about 25 years ago and now its too late to become a forest ranger:D:cool::D
  13. Manafaith

    Chipping in Bindery

    Don't go out of your way but I do appreciate it. I run a ton of 100# Accent Cover with no issues ever. This is by far the weirdest thing I have ever seen. This problem has now been escalated to Ricoh Engineering so I am just waiting to hear back with the ever looming deadline drawing closer day...
  14. Manafaith

    Chipping in Bindery

    It does not scratch off at all. The toner adhesion is Fantastic and I have changed temps up/down, process speed as slow as she can go and Nip way down and I always get the exact same result. My Tech boxed some up to send to the facility where Ricoh does all of the trouble shooting. I was told...
  15. Manafaith

    Chipping in Bindery

    TPMAR.... Have you ran any 120/130 LB Accent Opaque Cover with Extreme Coverage both sides?? and are you Guillotine Cutting everything? The frustrating part is if we die cut, Punch, run through our ST-90 Collater Trimmer it doesn't do it
  16. Manafaith

    Chipping in Bindery

    This job is on 120# Accent Cover. Seems to be quite a bit worse on the tick stuff
  17. Manafaith

    Chipping in Bindery

    Running a Ricoh 9100 and Bindery is having a terrible time with the toner Chipping off of the back side of the prints. Everything is being cut on a Polar Guillotine Cutter. We have tried a variety of different angles on the blade. Adjusted heat Up but the only thing that seems to work is die...
  18. Manafaith

    Looking for a printer to handle 9x24" paper to print music sheets

    Our Ricoh 9100 Can duplex 32pt. Cardstock running at 13 X 27.5 all day long
  19. Manafaith

    Newbie & Imposing

    I think it depends on your needs.... are you only needing imposition for your digital or are you doing offset work also? Fiery impose pretty much does everything you need in the digital realm and functions quite well once you get the hang of it and get a nice template catalog built. I would...
  20. Manafaith

    K M C8000 replacement

    We replaced our C7000 and C8000 with a Ricoh 9100. In my opinion both Ricoh and Xerox destroyed KM when I went and demo'd all of them. the 9100 is a dream machine and it has been a great machine for us so far. Have had Since last July and it is a beast. Fast, great registration and very little...

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