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    Acrobat SO SLOW...

    So they just released fusion pro that works w 2023 acrobat. I couldn’t get it to work w 64bit. Roll back to 2021 32 bit. Doubt it a pc issue unless you have stuff bogging it down.
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    2020 Duplo DPC-400 digital die cutter

    All info on ebay, message me for best price.
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    2019 Konica Accurio Label 190 digital label flexo press **Total Meter 240,320**

    ready for its new home.. better price if you contact me directly. 2019 Konica Accurio Label 190 digital label flexo press **Total Meter 240,320** EBAY LISTING
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    Iridesse to Ricoh/Konica

    If you want a used C6100 all my leasing companies have them... Just msg me what specs you need. Your all in under 30K, even for the best config turn key. they are super easy to self maintain. parts are easy to order/stock. Love them - been a konica "self trained" tech since 2009, no click...
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    Ink Jet Envelope Printer

    I stock sets of ink for the mach5 msg me,
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    James Burns Wire-O Bind 3500 (WOB3500) Semi-Auto Wire-O Binding Machine

    Spiral James Burns Wire-O Bind 3500 The James Burn Wire-O® Bind 3500 (WOB) provides high-speed Wire-O® finishing ‘on-demand’ from cost-efficient spools. At 500-1000 books per hour, the WOB3500 is super-fast, yet simple to operate with all size and format setups instantly adjustable by...
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    Duplo PFI Bind 2000 PUR

    did you find a manual? i have the user guide. Need to know where to buy GLUE.
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    Canon Oce Colorado 1640 - super clean need it gone... BEST OFFER.

    Listing on ebay
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    Morgana Digifold Pro - perfect UPDATED LISTING... better price if you buy direct.
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    Morgana Digifold Pro - perfect

    Taking offers Video Shipping via white glove same we ship copiers.
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    Morgana Digifold Pro -demo

    Super clean like new…
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    Roland 64" VG 640 wide format

    Super clean ready for a new home... consolidating back to our main business - direct mail. We no longer need 3 wide format printers...
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    Okidata 5 Color C942 WHITE TONER... see video

    check out the meter and watch the demo video... great value add to any shop...
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    Duplo 616 with PC controler dongle

    just put $2500 into this machine. Watch the video. Great machine will run for 2 years before it needs a service.
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    Looking to buy a Duplo 616 Pro (used)

    616 has bar codes reading but you dont want to use it unless each page is variable layouts.... may have one as soon as Friday for sale. Msg me your email address if you really interested.
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    Ijetcolor NXT Supplies

    Msg me I stock Oem aftermarket ink. Give you a set at cost to test. Also been buying heads off ebay for years alway $350-400. Memjet date great if you know how to run them…
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    Memjet Ink

    msg me, i have OEM ink for a better price. been using for a while now with zero issue.... works with the 3 main brands of these M-series and S-series printers.
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    Konica 951 vs 6120 vs OTHERLINES

    thats the inkjet version, not the drum/old school type.
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    Konica 951 vs 6120 vs OTHERLINES

    951 upper fuser failed, just ran 30M clicks all black on the C6501 of course had to be 8.5x11 and stapled. I try not to run NCR on the color machines unless its a color job. 951 runs NCR fine we do get some buildup but nothing crazy. I think the 1250/6136 are better engines, and better cooling...

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