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    Alphadoc Mark IV Automatic Puncher

    Alphadoc Mark IV Automatic Puncher Does anyone have experience with this machine? What do you like, or better yet, what do you not like about it? Thanks!
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    Corner rounders

    Does Kustom corners do large sheets easily? Sizes like 12x18 and 13x19? It looks like it would be hard to stand up in their machine. The Kustom corner machine looks like it’s designed more for small items like business cards and postcards.
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    Xerox, Konica, Ricoh

    Thanks. I've been getting similar numbers but its amazing how each brand's moving price is so different. We could move our entire shop (cutter, booklet maker, folder, wide format, creaser, tables, etc.) for nearly the same price as 2 of those machines.
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    Xerox, Konica, Ricoh

    How much did you pay to have your machine moved from one location to another? We are moving down the street and I am curious about the cost per machine and the type of machine.
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    Baum31.5" Cutter or Challenge 305 Cutter

    Thanks for the feedback everyone! Baum and Challenge told me its a pretty long wait. Duplo told me a few weeks for their cutter.
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    Baum31.5" Cutter or Challenge 305 Cutter

    Which do you think is better, the Baum31.5 or Challenge 305 cutter. We cut primarily gloss paper for almost 6-7 hours each day. Both of these cutters seem nearly identical in price and specs. Am I missing something or is it a Pepsi and Coke thing?
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    HP360 or Roland Solojet Pro 640???

    As the title states.. if you had a choice would you get the HP360 or Roland Solojet Pro 640? We primarily print posters, foamcore, coroplast, and banners. I would like to also start doing floor graphics and window signage. What machine would you recommend and why? I don't foresee us really...