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    Ink in the Blood

    Not even close!
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    Ink in the Blood

    Should have become anything else but a prepress tech, as the print industry isn't what it used to be. No job security, mergers and acquisitions everywhere you look, prepress jobs are far and few between and don't pay what they used to.
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    CSR and Prepress roles merging (a little)?

    Just left a shop where I was hired to be a prepress tech only to learn that I was also expected to be the CSR and Designer also....It was a nightmare, had to answer emails and phone calls constantly from customers inquiring about their jobs, or sending proofs via email and making alts as the...
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    Photo Montage Creator

    Besides using contact sheets in photoshop, you can also do the same in Indesign. I think Indesign gives you more control for this as you can add text under each image as well as more layout possibilities
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    Adobe Alternative?

    As a career prepress technician for 35 years, now out of print, my advice to you is find another career. Prepress has been on the decline for the last 15 years or more. What jobs that are left pay less than what they used to and there is no job security. Once you get past 50 you can expect to be...
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    Unemployed 50-something pre-press tech wondering if its time to switch gears.

    I know this post is old, but just wanted to add my two cents. I'm 57 and was in Prepress for 30 years. Was laid off in 2017, took nearly two years to find another job in prepress, the same company that laid me off two years ago hired me again, but just as covid hit they laid me off again, this...
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    Prepress Job Interview

    My biggest weakness..... Enjoy micro-managing everybody, hot headed, frequent outbursts, unrealistic expectations, in a constant state of anger, leave early and on time everyday (Enjoy dumping nightmare projects on people and than running out the door to pick up my kid for soccer practice) no...
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    Offset to Large Format prepress transitioning

    Not to mention the clients who send in 72dpi jpg art and wonder why it looks like crap after is enlarged @1000%
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    Offset to Large Format prepress transitioning

    Hello all, I recently transitioned from 25 years in offset prepress to large format prepress and I found it very challenging . One of the big challenges was adapting to the variances in project sizes, which are so inconsistent and all over the place compared to offset where page sizes are pretty...
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    So How many prepress technicians got laid off because of Covid-19

    You are fortunate to be working for a company that values its employees enough to keep them employed even when it gets slow. The print business always was feast or famine, its normal to go through slow periods. I realize the current situation is not normal but as I mentioned many companies used...
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    So How many prepress technicians got laid off because of Covid-19

    The problem with getting fired in this country is not only do you lose income, you also lose health insurance. If this country could untether health insurance to employers things could be better. I wouldn't say most companies don't fire employees on the spot, it happens more times than you may...
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    So How many prepress technicians got laid off because of Covid-19

    Sounds like you work for a company that cares about its employees.
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    So How many prepress technicians got laid off because of Covid-19

    At least you got a warning which gives you some time to plan. Here in US most states are "employment at will", which means you can get fired without warning for any reason at any given moment, which is what happens all the time (happened to me). This is a horrible way to treat loyal employees...
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    So How many prepress technicians got laid off because of Covid-19

    Got laid off in April, over 55, not looking good at this point. Many companies used this crisis as an excuse to "go lean" or "restructure". I realize a lot of work has dried up but the government bailouts were supposed to prevent layoffs. Some companies took the bailout and laid off workers anyway.
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    Do you still have healthcare?

    I just got laid off from my prepress job. 56 years old and screwed now. Luckily my wife has our health insurance through her work otherwise I would have to pay for Cobra which is as much as my mortgage payment. Our healthcare system is joke. Not sure what I'm going to do now that I'm unemployed.
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    What machines are used for printing on sign material?

    Great point about using trade shop to do your printing for you. I design and sell vinyl banners online and use a vendor to print my banners, the price is right, the quality is superb and they ship for free. The cost of owning one of these large formant printers is just too much for a startup...
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    Prepress outsourcing to india

    Lifelong prepress tech, retoucher...blah blah. Most of the clipping path and color correction work is being done in India. Go on Linkedin, its filled with people from India trying to get your clipping path business. India is taking all of the eCommerce retouching away from USA. What I used to...
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    Commercial Printer is no longer an official job

    The article is correct about one thing. Conventional prepress jobs are few and far between. If you do go digital prepress expect you salary to be about half what it used to be.
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    QuarkXPress 2018 Announced

    Quark why? Very few companies use this antiquated software anymore. Indesign is king, sorry Quark
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    Over 50 unemployed Prepress Tech, should I call it quits for printing?

    You’re not better your just naive. Your time will come. I hope for your sake your not thinking about a career in prepress cause it won’t last long


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The Push To Be a More Versatile Printer
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