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    PitStop 2020 - Check if visual content exists!

    Check if visual content exists By utilizing computer vision, a technology that is used in automated manufacturing and future technologies like self-driving cars, PitStop now allows you to check if defined graphic shapes are present or missing from a PDF. This action can also detect the number of...
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    Enfocus providing free PitStop Pro licenses and e-learnings to help our customers during the COVID-19 crisis

    Incidentally, if anybody is going to do this, this is where your action lists, preflight settings and global changes live. Just in case you want to replicate your office installation at home. Move your preferences and custom Preflight Profiles, Action Lists, Global Changes, ... to the new...
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    Enfocus providing free PitStop Pro licenses and e-learnings to help our customers during the COVID-19 crisis

    With the coronavirus (COVID-19) continuing to escalate around the world, we have been thinking about what we can do as a part of the print industry to help our customers in this uncertain period. Of course, we have limited impact on this pandemia, but we want to help in any way that we can...
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    Hardest Pitstop Server / Switch question ever...

    Additionally, using a free app from the Switch App Store. If the names of the colors are in the filename and the filename is structured using for example underscores, you can use the free app StringSplitter to have a set of private data variables with the names of the inks and these can be...
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    Hardest Pitstop Server / Switch question ever...

    Two bits of feedback from the team. BTW not the hardest question by a very long way. :) You can create a variable set in Switch with a dynamic variable. This variable's value would need to be of type 'Text with variables' and value (for example, but depending on your filename)...
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    CSR and Prepress roles merging (a little)?

    To those of you that have already emailed me, thank you. I will reply to your mails asap. Personally, and from various discussions over the last years, I think change in this area is inevitable, even if it hasn't happened for some of you (yet). Shorter run lengths Lower margins Faster Presses...
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    CSR and Prepress roles merging (a little)?

    Hi all. I’m hearing more and more about CSR’s getting involved in PDF file handling and even basic file checking. The goal being to speed up the process of getting jobs into the company, and not having to wait for prepress to give feedback. If you’re doing this, or even thinking of doing this I...
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    Enfocus Switch New Position

    You could try mentioning this on Enfocus Community - Community index
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    Pantone Color Percentages...

    Oh and the way to edit this is to use remap color, that changes the alernate color space which is what you need. The other way just changes the name, and as the names are the same, nothing happens. That's why your workaround of changing to another color first works.
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    Pantone Color Percentages...

    To come back to the original question. The Pantone Libraries that ship with Pantone are correct, they are official Pantone numbers. In addition with PitStop we ship with both the CMYK and Lab alternate colors that Pantone provide us, so you can choose to standardize on one. The issue you have...
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    Pantone Color Percentages...

    Same here
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    Pitstop - Resize Trimbox to specific color

    Can you send me the file and I’ll take a look.
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    New GWG Specification for Sign & Display Market

    The target market for the document are companies who develop preflight solutions, so Developers/QA etc. To that goal, the terms, definitions, and requirements describe how the various checks should be created on a technical level. The various settings for the requirements, ie resolution and...
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    New GWG Specification for Sign & Display Market

    Not sure what the 'clarity' issue is? Let me know as we have a meeting next month, we can work on it
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    The best 'do-it-all' imposing software for Switch?

    I don't think there's an official Switch integration for Imp. It's not that it couldn't happen, just that it hasn't happened yet. Tilia and Ultimate have official Switch apps or configurators.
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    Any word on that Pitstop Pro (Catalina) installer?

    You should be able to update within the application. Menu Bar: Help > Plugin help > Enfocus PitStop Pro help > Check for updates
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    The best 'do-it-all' imposing software for Switch?

    From my knowledge you have two main options Magnus. Tilia and Ultimate. They are the only two who do conventional imposition and nesting of irregular shapes. I don't have enough product knowledge to comment on your other requirements.
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    There's this new thing called 'Google', all the kids are using it.
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    PNG file displays artifacts on printer's website

    Personally I would look for another Printer who accepts PDF (like every other Printer). If they can't print a PDF/X-1a (which is an 18 year old format). Something is wrong. Edit: beaten by Dov again!
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    What's The Difference Between Automation Engine & Switch?

    Let me try and shed some light on this. I am sure others will contribute as well. ”Enfocus Switch is a neutral automation platform that offers rule-based automation with main focus on file delivery, routing and integrating 3rd party products to provide automated file manipulation in commercial...

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