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    HP Thinks About the Box

    What photos are you asking for, Gordo?
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    How to open damaged pdf file?

    Try opening it in Photoshop. Al
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    Automated Trapping Solution

    Here is a word of warning about using Illustrator to edit pdf files. Al Ferrari
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    Graphics-Pro 5.1 to Exxact speedsetter X2 300

    Have you tried getting help from the people you bought the Speedsetter X2 300 imagesetter? Al
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    Help with centering pages in Preps 5

    OKLP: 1. Do a"Get Info" on the page in the Preps run list. There will be a"Position Adjustment" pup up with a centering choice. 2. Read the manual. Al
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    clogged line

    What does EPSON have to say about it? Al
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    Word to Indesign

    There is a Regular and a Pro version of the PDF2ID plugins from Recosoft for $149 and $249, but there's absolutely no description of the difference between then at the Recosoft site. Does anyone know the difference? Al
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    Profits per Print Establishment Best Since 2000

    The better index of what? What does it mean if that number is high or low? Al
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    AB DICK 360 Problem

    If this is anew roller that ALWAYS acted this way, then change the roller. But if this particular roller once worked properly, then I repeat what I said earlier: "your form roller fits much too tight in the side to side sense. Try to figure out how to loosen that a bit. The adjustment may be in...
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    AB DICK 360 Problem

    Re-read the original post. He reports that the form roller DOES NOT MOVE when the roller is in place and the handle is engaged. It's not a matter of it not quite reaching the plate. Al
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    AB DICK 360 Problem

    No direct experience with the 360 here, but from general small press experience I would say your form roller fits much too tight in the side to side sense. Try to figure out how to loosen that a bit. The adjustment may be in the shaft itself (is there a set screw on the shaft handle?). Good...
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    Dog ear corner on second fold of 16 page sig.

    Can you post 1 or 2 photos that show the dog earring and the relative ink coverage? Al
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    Upgrading to OS X.8.6

    System Preferences/Print & Fax, then add printer. You highlight the devices in the selection window and follow the dialog. More detailed help at
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    Upgrading to OS X.8.6

    Proof read before posting: your headline says 10.8.6, but your text says 10.6.8. Are you talking about Snow Leopard? Al
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    Software Support

    The problem with vendor's tech support is the policies that the tech support staff are REQUIRED to follow. I have a current problem with Acrobat 8 Pro, which is "no longer supported" and found the well meaning and otherwise helpful tech agent at Adobe was not permitted (my word) to help me with...
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    Seeking good-quality tabletop folding machine in the U.S.A.

    The air feed mechanism makes them considerably more productive, and that makes them be in greater demand, hence the higher price. Al
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    Question on Epson 7900WT Printer

    You probably bought it through a dealer. Try getting them involved in finding you a solution. Al
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    The decline in the press market

    If you would trouble yourself to read his whole post and go to the posted link, you would at minimum realize that the conversation is not about copiers or any sort of digital printers. Al
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    Prepress Tips for Designers

    You need to look in the produce section!

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