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    Prepress Proof Approval Via Email - Consumer End (Noob)

    Thanks, dabob In person does seem to be the most reasonable way to do this. My printer/manufacturer is in China. However, they do offer a method of communication that appears to be similar to Skype - not ideal, but it's what we've got to work with. For the sake of my own sanity - Let me see...
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    Prepress Proof Approval Via Email - Consumer End (Noob)

    Thank you, you've provided me with some valuable information. I asked this question in a digital photography forum and was advised to alter the proofs in photoshop. Obviously, I won't be taking that advice. The original files I sent my printer were Adobe RGB TIF's. At this point, if the proofs...
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    Prepress Proof Approval Via Email - Consumer End (Noob)

    Hello all, I'm working with a printer/textile manufacturer in China to reproduce my highly color sensitive photographic images on silk satin. I will soon receive a prepress proof, I assume a pdf, via email for my approval. What is the standard method for checking electronic proofs and asking...

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