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    Prepress \ Digital Print Operator

    We are looking for a full time prepress\digital print operator in our in-plant print department in Rockford MI. If interested please apply online:
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    Regular #10 Envelopes on Xerox 770 or Xerox 1000

    I would be interested if this is possible on the Xerox 1000...Anyone know?
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    Inserting Equipment

    We use Pitney Bowes' Di950 folder inserter with around 80K per month volume. It is my second one. Basic OMR, very easy to operate.
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    Xerox 1000i installed!

    We are very happy with our (2) 1000's that we have had for just over a year with over 4,300,000 12x18 impressions between them.
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    Looking for VDP app

    We use Printshop Mail, it is fairly easy to learn and use.
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    Downsizing from and Igen 4 to KM 1100 Ricoh 9110??

    We installed two Xerox 1000's in January and have field upgraded them both to 1000i. LOVE THEM!. We have them fitted with Plockmatic Pro 50 booklet makers.
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    Bulk Mailing Internationaly....

    We use a company called International Mail Services for all of our international mail, including invoices and statements.
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    Xerox 1000i installed!

    I have two Xerox 1000s with Plock Pro50 booklet makers we installed in January. They machine sand Fiery Rips were just upgraded to the "i" versions. Love them so far.
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    I need help deciding guys !! Xerox 1000 and Ricoh 7110 both offered in deal

    We installed 2 Xerox 1000s without the clear ink option + 2 Plockmatic Pro 50 booklet makers. I am really happy with our decision.
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    Xerox Versant 2100

    Again, thank you all for your feedback.
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    Xerox Versant 2100

    Thanks for the feedback. We will be reaching out to Xerox, Canon and Konica.
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    Xerox Versant 2100

    I am looking at the new Xerox Versant 2100 and am impressed. Our main application is full bleed, full color saddle stitched and twin loop catalogs. The Plockmatic Pro 50 options seems to be a great option. What do Konica, Ricoh and Canon have that competes or comes close to this in quality...
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    Help me choose between a Xerox J75 and a KM C7000 or C6000

    My understanding is that the KM8000 has inline densitometers, not spectrometers and the op still needs to manually calibrate color and create output profiles with a X-rite i1Pro Spectrophotometer. Xerox's ACQS is automated. hat has made the task extremely easy and fast for our operators...
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    KM IC-305 External Fiery RIP for C6500

    I have a KM IC-305 External Fiery RIP with the Graphics Arts Premium package for a C6500. It had about two months use on it before we got rid of the C6500. Anyone have any interest or make a suggestion on where I could sell it? Willing to let it go very cheap...Was $32000 new.
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    Help me choose between a Xerox J75 and a KM C7000 or C6000

    The J75 has same inline photospectrometers that the Xerox 8002 and 8080 machines do. If you want accurate easy color this is the way to go. The J75 is the latest version of the 700 series which is light production..In between the Xerox 560 and the 8080. They also have a new registration adn...
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    What am I missing without a RIP?

    We have the 9880 with ColorBurst RIP and just a standard 9900. The only problem we have without a 3rd party RIP is the ability to output length over 91". Epson ahs a tiling option that works with Illustrator but not Acrobat or InDesign.
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    Xerox 4110 and Connecting it to Fiery Command Workstation CWS4

    Did you purchase it with the Fiery RIP option?
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    Konica Minolta C6000 with or without external rip

    I have a Konica 6500 IC-303 External Fiery RIP I could let go real cheap. It was used for only two months before we replaced the Konica equipment. I do not know if it is compatible with a C6000 though. It cost $32,000 new.
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    I need helpr to decide, Buzhub -8000, Ricoh, cannon, zerox

    I have two Xerox 8002's with inline ColorWorksPro booklet makers. The booklet makers are fast...when using all one weight of stock, they slow down substantially with mixed weight covers. I have two 8080s coming in when we are going to use for mostly sheet work. We did not go with the KM8000...

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