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    PitStop 2020 - Check if visual content exists!

    Check if visual content exists By utilizing computer vision, a technology that is used in automated manufacturing and future technologies like self-driving cars, PitStop now allows you to check if defined graphic shapes are present or missing from a PDF. This action can also detect the number of...
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    Enfocus providing free PitStop Pro licenses and e-learnings to help our customers during the COVID-19 crisis

    With the coronavirus (COVID-19) continuing to escalate around the world, we have been thinking about what we can do as a part of the print industry to help our customers in this uncertain period. Of course, we have limited impact on this pandemia, but we want to help in any way that we can...
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    CSR and Prepress roles merging (a little)?

    Hi all. I’m hearing more and more about CSR’s getting involved in PDF file handling and even basic file checking. The goal being to speed up the process of getting jobs into the company, and not having to wait for prepress to give feedback. If you’re doing this, or even thinking of doing this I...
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    PitStop 2019 - New Object Selection tool

    Ever had problems selecting the right object to edit in PitStop, or had to jump through hoops to get to it. PitStop 2019 can help.
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    PitStop 2019 - Rasterize Selection Movie

    PitStop 2019 is coming next month (April). Here's the first of several movies we are releasing to showcase some of the new functionality. If you ever had a complex PDF file that caused your Rip to bottleneck your production, this ones for you.
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    The new Action List Visualizer in PitStop 2018

    Hope you like this one, it's been called a 'gamechanger' by some of our beta testers. A new way to create and edit Action Lists, it actually shows you what is going on directly in the PDF file whilst you are making or debugging an Action list in PitStop Pro.
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    Hard Crop of Line Art data?

    Coming end of April in PitStop 2018
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    PitStop 2018 just announced, shipping in April If you are interested in finding out more about the functionality, you can sign up for introductory webinars on the link.
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    Have an opinion about features in PitStop? I would like your help

    Hi all, as you are probably aware Enfocus is very customer focused. Now PitStop 2017 has been released, we are starting work on the next PitStop version, which is where you come in. We are looking to involve customers within our development process to give us immediate feedback as we add new...
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    LAST CHANCE: Ghent Workgroup PDF Survey (multi-language)

    LAST CHANCE: We would really appreciate your input. The Ghent Workgroup is dedicated to advancing the print, publishing and packaging industries. Our goal is to create practical workflow tools that make daily production tasks easier and faster. We cannot do this without your help! Today we are...
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    PitStop 2017 will be released on April 20. Video 3 of 3

    PitStop 2017 will be released on April 20. Next to the PDF Geomapper technology, PitStop 2017 will also ship with 40+ Devicelink profiles for controlling ink coverage and converting between color standards. Here's the 3rd movie in the series of 3 promoting the new version...
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    PitStop 2017 new features. Video 2 of 3.
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    PitStop 2017 - video 1 of 3

    PitStop 2017 - PDF Geomapper technology
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    Enfocus Drupa Pricing Promotions

    Hi all Thought you might be interested in these. Valid until the 30th June if anyone wants to jump on.
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    ISO/DIS 19593-1 Use of PDF to associate processing steps and content data

    ISO/DIS 19593-1 Graphic Technology - Use of PDF to associate processing steps and content data – Part 1: Processing steps 2016 Long name isn’t it, and it doesn’t really sound that exciting either does it! But believe me when I say this one will be a game changer for a lot of people. The...
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    Important Note for Enfocus PitStop users who are working with Acrobat DC/2015

    If you are using PitStop in conjunction with Acrobat DC/2015 on a Macintosh computer, please find below a link to some important information. It is important that you follow the instructions in the document on link before applying an...
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    Next PitStop online Customer Workshop is next Wednesday 6th May - Are you registered?

    Our next monthly Enfocus Customer Workshop is next Wednesday, but there’s still time to register. Please note we will not be discussing PitStop 13 yet in these sessions, the workshops are designed for customer training not sales/marketing. We are running separate sessions for PitStop 13 users...
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    PitStop 13 is now released and available for purchase/download.

    Preflight and edit PDF files in Acrobat
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    PitStop Pro compatibility with Acrobat DC

    Hi all You have probably seen that the latest Acrobat version, Adobe Acrobat DC is now available. Just a note if you are running on a Macintosh then you will need PitStop 12 update 3 or PitStop 13 (when released) to work with Acrobat DC. We already did a lot of the work preparing for this new...
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    PitStop 13 generates bleed, even for PDF files that don't have any in the original

    PitStop 13 will be released in April. Any users buying or upgrading to PitStop Pro or Server 12 from now until the release of v13 will get a free upgrade to version 13 when available. Here's an advance preview of the bleed generation

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