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    Workflow vs Kodak

    XMF user here, in Australia. Pretty happy, especially with the integrated imposition. Improvements/upgrades happen reasonably well. We pay about $k5/year for maintenance contract which includes all upgrades/bug fixes/support. You would need to check that out where you are; may vary. All I know...
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    Pitstop 10 is driving me nuts

    Took some getting used to. If you don't get to the Prepress Layout drop-down, prepress stuff is hidden. But it is a case of familiarity. But some odd things. Like 'Edit Page Boxes' tool button. (hash with pencil over it). OK, you can select it, but it doesn't become 'active' (4-way arrow), until...
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    Font Explorer X Reflow Problems

    A good point to remember. And likewise...never use Auto-Activation. An extra minute spent is well worth it.
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    Font Explorer X Reflow Problems

    Strange, and worrying. I assume the undesired situation occurs when you activate afterwards. Am in the habit of activating customer fonts before opening Indy file.
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    Brillia HD pro-v plates

    We are on the older (chem) processor. Have been told the new (shorter/dedicated) processor for Pro-Vs would cost around $15K. We are awaiting news on a retro-fit of our G&J chem one here in OZ. We may go that way. Much cheaper. Chem-free processors are much shorter in length, for obvious reasons.
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    Going Backward? [slight rant]

    Here's a screenshot of a problem from CS5, supplied PDF. The 2 lines, as selected in Pitstop, were 'below' the image on the page; essentially unwanted garbage, not attended to by the artiste. Now, it was visible in WireFrame. Certainly not in normal view. On Black Magic proof, it was barely...
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    Celebrant Error ID 7707-0506

    FFEI tech here was kind enought to get back to me on this: FWIW, reply pasted below: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Your're right, it is a license issue. It may be an idea to open up the "license tool" and check that: 1. The dongle number comes up. 2. All...
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    Celebrant Error ID 7707-0506

    Maybe it is a License issue. Have you re-seated/relocated your dongle? (then restart everything). Dig around in your FFEI applications folders. Take screenshots, or copy and paste into a text doc, any relevant info. Are you able to contact FFEI locally, where you are, or at least email them with...
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    Celebrant Error ID 7707-0506

    I hated those Celebrant Error messages. Be better as cryptic crossword clues. Are yoou submitting a PDF to Celebrant there?. Maybe it's having trouble writing PostScript prior to rendering. Just a guess. Have you tried Optimising the PDF and resubmitting? Or saving a PostScript file from...
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    a problem in Fuji Luxel V6 CTB machine

    Not at work for another 12 hours. Are you on Celebrant? XMF? RIP Manager is ringing a bell, but not loud enough at the moment. Are you sending imposed PDFs? Can you give more detail on the source file and the path/steps to the V6.
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    Small bug in rendered 3D output

    When using a 6-to-view (12pp section) saddle stitch, rendered 3D seems to offset some pages vertically, either direction. It may be happening where the impo pages sit foot-to-foot. Haven't had time to track it today. FFEI have confirmed it occurs on the JDF-based patterns, as well as home-brewed...
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    can preflight check for white overprints?

    I agree. It's just there, working background when you open a file. Basic is free.
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    XMF upgrade

    You've probably got a depth of experience I don't have, cosmo, but the surprise to me is that we experience so few problems. Between Apple, Adobe, and FFEI, with each trying to enhance their products, (I'm being kind here), it's a wonder that that's all we see. Quite a soup, IMO. All I know is...
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    In Design Plugin issue

    Watch for text reflows when (re)opening IDML files. just saying...
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    Sending XMF JAR files to customers for proofing

    To think about reverting to good ole PDF alone is throwing the baby out with the bathwater, IMO. Trouble is, you don't know what dumbed-down IT restrictions are in place for them, and their 'own 'expertise', or lack thereof. We have a ridiculous 6~7 MB attachment limit ourselves, so I usually...
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    CS5...whose made the jump...and why?

    We too will be getting 2 beefed-up Minis to run CS5. Am planning, against some internal resistance, to get 2 of these: IOGear 2-Port USB DVI-D Cable KVM with Audio... (GCS932UB) at OWC That way, clean CS5 install, running on the Minis. Switch to the G5 PPCs as required, for CS4/CS3 stuff...
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    XMF imposition problem

    Seems you may have homed in on the possible cause. Must admit I have not, to memory, modified a saddle to perfect, or vice versa, from the drop-down in the Assembly Sections window. Have always used that in the process of creating a Stripping Sheet Template, as an 'up-front' step. Maybe that's a...
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    XMF upgrade

    As far as I'm aware, 2nd hand scuttlebutt down here; it's been delayed a few times. Can only hope they're ironing out bugs. If I hear anything, I'll post.
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    XMF imposition problem

    Are you saying that the procedure of viewing Rendered Mode actually CAUSES an error in output? When you say it what way? I'd really like to know, so as to watch out for it myself, but would love some more detail. In theory, I would have thought, viewing Rendered is just pulling up...
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    Common causes for random font swaps by InDesign?

    I'm talking about an interim measure while we upgrade hardware/software so we can actually run CS5. Most prepress people, I think, are caught between the instinct to delay while a bunch of other guinea pigs take the early-adopter pain from the inevitable bugs; vs. servicing their customers...

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