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    Color managing proofing devices

    In my work setting we have 2 iMacs with OS 10.6.8 and one with 10.9.2. and two Epson proofers: a 7880, and a 9890. We want to have the minimum number of profiles made made by Chromix, a color profiling company in Seattle, Washington. I am given to understand that a profile for a given device and...
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    Mac Quark question

    Sometimes, but not always when saving project files after an edit I get an additional file with an odd name such as "TXP007B5D9B0BDD3DA3.noindex" with the same time stamp in the finder as the project file just saved. These will not open in the version in which I am working which is 8.51. Does...
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    Envelope converting Forum?

    There are not many post on PrintPlanet dealing with envelope converting. I am considering entering this line of work, and I would like to interact with experienced practitioners in this trade. Can someone help me find Forums where this topic is discussed? I have done Google searches for it, but...
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    Preps 5.3.3 and Acrobat Pro 9

    For a long time now I have kept Acrobat Pro 8 installed after I installed Acrobat Pro 9, and generally I try to use 8, simply because that's the application I had used for printing the IT8 target to have Chomix profile my Epson 7880. So Acrobat 9 would only launch if I double clicked a pdf when...
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    Barcode BWR adjustment

    Is anyone working in packaging and implementing a BWR adjustment on barcodes to be printed exclusively by sheetfed offset? It seems that in offset this adjustment is not really needed because the press gain is not significant and with modern direct to plate methods there if no gain in the...
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    MBO and Stahl B-20 and B-18 folders

    There are both MBO and Stahl versions of the B-20 and B-18 folders that, mechanically, look extremely similar from one brand to the other. Does anyone know the history of these two lines of machines? Did one company buy the line from the other at some point? Al Ferrari
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    Ryobi 3302 available for parts

    I am considering the purchase of a Ryobi 3302 in order to use the feeder, register table, and the feed transfer drum on an entirely different machine that I am building. The entire rest of the press would be available for parts or whatever use. Would anyone out there be interested in such a...
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    Lateral force for moving paper against a side guide.

    It is very common for converting machinery such as a large format folder to use an angled belt with marbles riding on top to force paper against a side guide. I am searching for instances in which the same effect of forcing paper against a side guide is achieved by having a row of angled wheels...
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    Programing the 1992 Polar 115 EMC Monitor cutter

    I am trying to recreate a cutter program that was inadvertently deleted and for which I have no back up, written or otherwise. This program was used to press the air out of a lift of stock by starting the back gauge at the full depth of the lift, pressing it with the clamp at the set pressure...
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    A tip for signature folding.

    Some times it seems as though in spite of having folded and scored squarely on a prior unit, the folding on the next unit varies a bit more at the foot than at the head, which suggests that the paper stop on that unit may not be square. But before resorting to adjusting the split dial to cock...
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    Wanting to purchase Preps 5 or 6

    I am looking to legally purchase a "used" license of Preps 5 or higher complete with dongle. If anyone is going out of business and has this software, I would like to buy your company's license by going through all the legal channels with Kodak. Please send me an email or private message. Al...
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    Quark 6.5 bug: some black prints in front

    Hi All, I have done some test to figure out the exact culprit for a problem I was having with rules coming out in front of a green bar in a Qx 6.5 job when they were in fact in back. The attached picture summarizes them. It depicts exported pdfs from a very simple Qx file with just a green box...
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    Preps and Trueflow: Text mark colors all KO each other

    The text from a Preps template text mark which prints on all separations is having the colors all knocking out from each other so that the content of $Job_ID, $Job_Name and such which will be exactly the same in all separations will disappear, but for $Color which differs for each separation has...

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