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    Bacher 60 x 40 Rule up light table.

  2. Paint

    Bacher 60 x 40 Rule up light table.

    Burlington Vermont....
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    Bacher 60 x 40 Rule up light table.

    FREE......Great shape, everything works, Bacher 60 x 40 Rule up light table. Must be picked up.
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    When to Shingle?

    We creep once we get to 48 pages, unless it is on thick stock. Easiest formula is divide by 4 then multiply by paper caliper. 56 pages divided by 4 = 14.... then 14 x .0044 = .0616 creep.
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    Epson T60 Inks

    Epson T60 Inks... make a fair and reasonable offer
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    smythe binding template

    In Preps go to Resources... New SmartMark... Collation Mark... use Collation Mark A
  7. Paint

    Anybody know the correct name for…….

    Mine is called a Screen Pattern Analyzer and Rescreening Key (SPARK) From Graphic Arts Research Center Rochester Institute of Technology Still have my original from 30 years ago...
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    For Sale Kodak Nexpress & other digital equipment

    Where are you located? what's the price on the Glossers? Thanks Mike
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    Why do the Files sizes always increase

    We use Pitstop Pro...
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    New Prepress Computers

    Agree, we are running to new 27 inch IMac's in production, and they are awesome work machines, and yes we are a good size shop. As I need to replace my older Macs I will go with IMac's. Go with the best processor and load them with ram, you will never look back. Would stay with a workstation...
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    For Sale Gretagmacbeth

    We have 2 Gretagmacbeth Spectrolino SpectroScans for sale Email: for more info
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    Kodak matchprint proofer dell computer shuts support says electric

    PSU... easy way to test just take another PSU from a dead computer (we all have them) and open up the Dell and plug that PSU into your mbo and drives, then plug it in and see what happens. Most Dell replacement PSU's can be bought online for 25.00 or less, I have replaced a few in Dell's here...
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    Kodak Veris...

    We have: Two Veris pens new in box for sale Part# 500-01-420C One full unopened box of Veris Pro SM158 Media (120 sheets) One 3/4 box (80 sheets) Part# 81-1322B Two working Veris Proofers in working condition with controllers Email: Phone: 802.864.4566 Ask for Mike...
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    Can you restart just the Rip in Prinergy Workshop

    You should be able to just restart your Proof JTP to fix it.
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    CP 2000 password

    Should be User: CP2000 Pass: Heidelberg Unless someone changed it. Cant remember if it was upper or lower case though...
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    Electra XD Plates

    We have also have had Kodak reps in, and tried just about everything you can think of. We were running a 887 finisher but they put us on 850s finisher and had us cut it in half with water. We have had Kodak, our ink manufacturer and our fountain solution people all here together to try and...
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    Electra XD Plates

    Is anyone having issues with these? Meaning seeing longer make ready times, or once up to color seeing any color shifts through out the run. Having a harder time maintaining a good ink/water balance on press, so as to achieve a quality product, or holding color through out the press run...
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    config password

  19. Paint

    Mac server to PC server

    We have all Windows servers here, if your sever supports AFP then your Mac's will work flawlessly...
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    Workflow vs Kodak

    Hands down Prinergy... I would put my system up against any system out there, and with no doubt in my mind Prinergy would come out on top... Remember you get what you pay for...

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