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    Bacher 60 x 40 Rule up light table.

    FREE......Great shape, everything works, Bacher 60 x 40 Rule up light table. Must be picked up.
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    Epson T60 Inks

    Epson T60 Inks... make a fair and reasonable offer
  3. Paint

    For Sale Gretagmacbeth

    We have 2 Gretagmacbeth Spectrolino SpectroScans for sale Email: for more info
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    Kodak Veris...

    We have: Two Veris pens new in box for sale Part# 500-01-420C One full unopened box of Veris Pro SM158 Media (120 sheets) One 3/4 box (80 sheets) Part# 81-1322B Two working Veris Proofers in working condition with controllers Email: Phone: 802.864.4566 Ask for Mike...
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    Electra XD Plates

    Is anyone having issues with these? Meaning seeing longer make ready times, or once up to color seeing any color shifts through out the run. Having a harder time maintaining a good ink/water balance on press, so as to achieve a quality product, or holding color through out the press run...

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