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  1. tiliaty

    Thinking of moving to a New Workflow and Need Input

    [Disclaimer...I work for Tilia Labs...] Hi Akaleus, Have you checked out the planning and imposition product Phoenix by Tilia Labs ( Phoenix will handle all of your commercial and wide format work! Further, we integrate seamlessly with MIS systems via our open API...
  2. tiliaty

    Looking for a Imposition solution

    [Disclaimer: I work at Tilia Labs, maker of Phoenix] Hello, AI plugins like PaSharp or DeskPack could be a good fit for you, but you might want to also try out Phoenix (or our new PDF SnR software, Aries, which we released at LabelExpo —...

e-Book: Steps to a More Profitable Workflow

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Key Steps To Making Your Workflow Profitable
The most profitable print shops remain agile and respond to their customers’ demands while keeping inventory levels at a minimum, decreasing the amount of time from order to delivery and making it easy to do business with. Read the Post