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    Braille printing

    I'm looking for a wholesaler (or otherwise) that would be able to produce a book in Braille. Any ideas on a supplier for something like this?
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    Double sided tape applicator

    Anyone use or know of a good manufacturer of "Tape Applicator" equipment. We're getting a lot of runs from a single customer to produce pads that need double sided tape strips applied to the back of the pad. Since it's a single customer I'm thinking something like a tabletop machine that is hand...
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    CD / DVD holder

    Does anyone know where to purchase a CD holder that can be attached to a printed piece? Specifically I'm looking for something like a plastic or foam "button" that the center of the CD snaps onto. I've tried some google searches but am not sure what terms to even look for.
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    Soft Touch coating doesn't adhere / set

    We're new to using this type of coating (soft-touch), usually running only gloss aqueous coat. New job today requires soft-touch so we purchased some from our vendor and are finding that it's not setting up correctly over top the ink. It's a big solid heavy rich black (approx 50,30,30,100 CMYK)...
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    Soft Touch coating doesn't adhere / set

    We're new to using this type of coating (soft-touch), usually running only gloss aqueous coat. New job today requires soft-touch so we purchased some from our vendor and are finding that it's not setting up correctly over top the ink. It's a big solid heavy rich black (approx 50,30,30,100 CMYK)...
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    Heidelberg Prinect vs. Fuji XMF

    We're a small shop with a 52cm press and hopes of adding a 74cm in the near future. Our main pain point right now is color management and being able to print proofs that match our presswork in addition to being able to match our digital work to our press. During our discussion with the vendors...
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    Xerox J75 Edge Deletions

    Is there an NVM in service mode to minimize the edge deletion on the lead and trail edge of a sheet? The CED says the edge deletion should be 4mm on the leading and 4mm on the trailing edge but we're currently showing 14mm on the lead and 11mm on the trail edge that is not being printed. The...
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    Fiery EX J75 RIP problems (Xerox j75 press)

    We just purchased a J75 machine about a month ago with an external Fiery EX J75 RIP running FS100. So far I've been pretty disappointed with the RIP end of the equation. I've used Fiery RIPs in the past (about 5 years ago on a Docucolor 250) but all of our more recent machines have been...
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    Moire pattern on offset anicolor press

    We've had a problem with our SM-52 anicolor off and on depending on artwork coloration with a moire pattern on certain tones, usually browns, and grays. We've discussed with Heidelberg several times and were told to run with a different screen angle. Come to find out it's the exact set of angles...
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    FM Screening Implementation Process

    Does anyone know of a good source (person, printed guide, etc) to implementing and testing a move to FM screening? I've read Gordo's posts on the benefits, and a number of other sources including information on my specific RIP and CTP system. However I'm still a bit shaky about taking the...
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    Xerox D110 Issues

    We recently purchased a Xerox D110 to replace an aging Ricoh 1350. We have had several issues that if we had known about we would have definitely purchased something else. The machine itself seems to be a workhorse, we've run about 750K on it in a month and have seen the technician once...
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    Mid Volume Bookletmaker - opinions and options

    We currently have a CP Bourg BDF (Bookletmaker) with BST-d collators (2 towers, twenty bins). It has quite a few cycles on it and we've had quite a bit of trouble off and on for the last year. It's always been under service but lately we've been unable to do smaller CD size booklets on it. The...
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    Halo on plate Imaged on Screen PTR4100

    We recently had a tail clamp give up and the plate flapped a few times prior to someone hitting the off switch on our Platerite 4100. We got new clamps, reattached them everything seems to be working fine. However now we're getting a spot on the plate that looks a bit like a halo, where it's not...
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    UV coating that looks like linen finish - or applying uv coating to linen paper

    I had a customer bring a sample card that she liked into our shop today. It was a full color print with a UV (high gloss looking) coating. This was on a linen cover stock. From looking at the piece I thought it was either one of two things. 1. A linen finish stock with a clay coating to prevent...
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    Press match for color chips

    Question for all you experts in color management. I have a customer wanting to print out swatch sheets of all his paint colors for metal roofing. There are about 60 different colors, the previous printer did a horrible job matching the colors. I and my customer understand that we won't be able...
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    Full Bleed Tabs on Xerox 700

    We were told by the salesman that the Xerox 700 will print full bleed tabs. We got our first tab job in and have been unable to find any documentation on tab printing at all other than using the copier. We're using a Creo CX700 RIP. Has anyone else printed full bleed tabs on this machine and...
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    injet addresser for aqueous and UV coated prints

    Does anyone know of a good inkjet addresser that works on aqueous and UV coated stocks? We've looked at the Kirk Rudy Wavejet but are unable to justify the cost for our current operation. I'm hoping there is a smaller model that works for at least aqueous coating. Any thoughts on what others are...
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    Network settings on Ryobi console

    We have a 524 GE Ryobi with console. This morning we are unable to access the folder with our IVS settings and have been transferring them over to the press via flash drive. Where on the console are the settings to check the network ip address, gateway etc? I've gone through all the menu's and...
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    Ryobi Press Technician?

    Anyone know of a good Ryobi press technician. We are having problems with a 524GE and need a knowledgeable serviceman to look into it. We've tried Xpedx but have been getting the runaround for parts and service from them. My next thought would be to go to Ferrostaal but thought I would check out...
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    Thermanent (synthetic paper) on Xerox 700

    I'm trying to run a job on Nekoosa Thermanent synthetic paper (8mil) on our Xerox 700. I'm having trouble getting a good transfer onto the sheet. I've only tried the "Coated reload" 300 gsm setting but want to avoid having too much waste since this is a very expensive sheet and I ordered one...

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