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    Gmail for Business???

    Another option is to use Microsoft Office 365 for email. You no longer have to host your own Exchange server. There are different pricing tiers depending on what features you want, if you want Office as part of it or not, etc.
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    Mac Server - NAS?

    Mac fonts, there are a few different flavors of them. Mac OS 9 and prior had the fonts stored in the Resource Fork and not the Data Fork. When you buy a font now, the font is stored in the Data Fork. Even if you still have fonts which are 10 plus years old. They are still not a problem when...
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    #9 envelope corner folding

    Chances are the envelope is hitting something either on the feed table or the gripper bar. As a test, you could shift the envelope in the feed table to the left or right and see if the problem goes away. You should also be able to stop the press with envelopes still in the press to see where...
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    Intelligent Mail Package Barcode with SmartStream

    Here is a document to help you out. It uses the GS1-128 Barcode.
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    VDP Software Options

    Another software to consider is GMC Inspire. It is a very robust Variable Data and Customer Communication Management (CCM) platform. It will allow you to grow into bigger projects.
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    Opinions on cloud storage/backup services

    TERMINOLOGY Make sure you know the difference between MB and Mb. There is a big difference. Note: Most internet speeds are in Mb not MB TRANSFER CALCULATION Here are two good calculator showing transfer speeds and...
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    cheap digital envelope "press"?

    I know there are a variety of envelope printers with MemJet technology in them. The only one that comes to mind right now is the Rena Mach 5. Rena USA
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    Anyone using OS Yosemite yet?

    Skip the printing from Acrobat and let the RIP read the PDF directly. When you print, you are flattening the PDF, which causes you to lose out on functions the RIP can handle internally, like trapping in transparency areas.
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    Forum Categories Read/unRead

    I thought it was the case, but it isn't. I have either read every post, Marked Forum as Read, or Marked all Forums as Read. They always appear Bold, but they didn't always.
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    Forum Categories Read/unRead

    Hopefully you can see the difference I am talking about. Within a Category I see which posts are unread. The overall list of Categories shows them all as unread, ie BOLD
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    Forum Categories Read/unRead

    I must be the only one seeing it like this.
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    InDesign to Illustrator

    Thank you for sharing and I do see where Illustrator would be more powerful than InDesign in certain cases. Should trapping still be an issue with newer RIP's that have trapping built in? I know for commercial work manual trapping, for the most part, is a thing on the past. Brian
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    InDesign to Illustrator

    So far, everyone has said Illustrator is used for labels. Other than I feel more comfortable in Illustrator over InDesign, I haven't seen anyone post a good reason why Illustrator is used. If there are features Illustrator has which InDesign doesn't. Great, share them and what they are used for...
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    InDesign to Illustrator

    I haven't worked with label printing and I am sure there are several of us who are just like me. Can you explain what you have to manipulate in an Illustrator file to get it to print on a label (flexo press). Perhaps this will help the rest of us understand what is needing to be done to our files.
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    InDesign to Illustrator

    Have you tried copying from InDesign and Pasting into Illustrator?
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    Forum Categories Read/unRead

    I like how when you are in a Category like "The Lounge". You can see which threads you read, if they are Bold they are unread. It used to be this way in the Category listing as well but a recent update I think broke this. Am I the only one seeing this?
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    When did you first join PrintPlanet?

    I think I joined around 1997 or 1998. Wow have times changed!
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    Job tracking software...

    dabob, What made you decide to develop your own? Was it a missing feature, cost, or something else?
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    Job tracking software...

    I like the saying "Buy if you can, build if you must". Referring to buy off the shelf software and if you can't then build. Majority of the time, there is off the shelf software which has the features to meet your business needs. Sometimes the feature isn't exactly how your shop may work, but...
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    4,000 XML files

    Since this is a Variable Data job. The best variable data application I have found to support XML is GMC Inspire. More power than you can shake a stick at.

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