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    Epson WT7900 - white ink cracking, ink cartridge errors

    Hello, The Crystal Clear Film will show "cracks" when held to light - it is aimed at design stage proof samples. The Epson ClearProof (C13S042371) or ClearProof Thin (C13S042408) film are aimed at final stage proofs and produce a very solid White with no cracking as long as the density of the...
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    Outputting To Film Via Inkjet Printer Help!!

    Dear Phil, We have a solution called Star Plate. Over 80+ installations since released last year, mainly in Screen/Flexo/Letterpress companies who require Imagesetter quality linework and screen. Please contact me offline if you would like more information. All the best Steve
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    EskoArtworks, Equinox?

    Stephen, Once the conversion has taken place, is there a facility to make adjustments to the raster images which have been converted? Steve
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    EskoArtworks, Equinox?

    Not for MaxPro/MaxColor... For the 2nd question, I don't know how they work from a colour conversion point of view. What I can say is that MaxPro and MaxColor allow you to do far more than colour conversion. The post conversion editing tools are very good. They allow users to carry out...
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    EskoArtworks, Equinox?

    Not at present Brad - when we do, it will go up on Graphic Republik - YouTube - I will keep you posted.
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    EskoArtworks, Equinox?

    No - the process would be - Open file - Select colour Filter - Process. The colour filter would contain the CMYK+, CMYK ++, CMY++ etc... mixture - so you could have a library of these predefined colour mixtures. You could also choose to apply the filter only to specific separations within the...
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    EskoArtworks, Equinox?

    MaxPro uses it's .mp file format irrespective of whether a file has LW, CT or a combination of both. If you mean can you open a LW which is multiple Spot Colour, generate colour palettes made up of CMYK + + and apply these to replace the Spot colours then yes. While you are at it, you could...
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    EskoArtworks, Equinox?

    MaxColor as a standalone application accepts RGB or CMYK Tiff files and exports PSD for placement after conversion and adjusting/retouching. If you wanted to work on text and tint (vector) then you would use MaxColor within MaxPro. That way you could work on all elements in one file. So we...
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    EskoArtworks, Equinox?

    Two choices - Firstly, reproduce CMYK using Spots where possible (ie, remove one or more of the CMYK channels and replace with Spots, so saving a plate or two) - You would probably choose to do this in a reprint scenario where the original CMYK image needed to be closely matched. Secondly...
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    EskoArtworks, Equinox?

    MaxColor is available as a module in MaxPro or as a standalone application. Standalone, it accepts RGB or CMYK Tiffs and exports a PSD file format - As a module in MaxPro, it accepts the aforementioned plus the MaxPro (.mp) file format. file is a raster CT and LW plus if necessary a HCT...
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    EskoArtworks, Equinox?

    Stephen, Yes - fire away with any questions - I'll do my best to answer. Steve
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    EskoArtworks, Equinox?

    Yes - Graphic Republik - Innovative solutions for Packaging Professionals - you can click through the links for info on the suite of products or download pdf brochures from the homepage. Steve
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    EskoArtworks, Equinox?

    MaxColor is an option. It is part of the MaxPro suite of Pre Press applications developed for the Packaging industry which was launched at Drupa in 2008. At this time, we concentrated on developing the MaxPro and MaxStep applications which provide a raster WYSIWYG trapping and step and repeat...
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    Technical plate generation

    MaxPro allows users to quickly and simply generate special separation plates such as those needed for printing varnish or White ink.
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    Graphic Republik - New youtube site

    Just launched today, the Graphic Republik youtube site - first up, Contone Trapping in MaxPro. Other Flexo relevant movies will be posted over the coming weeks and months.
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    Flexo wish list for Prepress and Artworkers

    Slammer, Would that be because the Harlequin calibration only allows for 2 digit jumps in the highlights and shadows (0,2,4,...etc 90, 92, 94,...etc)?
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    Flexo wish list for Prepress and Artworkers

    Well judging by the amount of views to the "Potato Printers" post, there is a good deal of interest in all things Flexo. If you had the ability to create a time or pain saving feature in your Flexo workflow or apps, what would it be? A Trapping tool that handles anything thrown at it without...
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    MaxPro wins Flexotech Innovation in Prepress Award

    I notice that some members were commenting on the lack of Prepress software available for the Packaging industry. MaxPro, a suite of applications specifically developed for the Packaging industry has won the 2011 Prepress Innovation category at the Flexotech awards ceremony on Wednesday night...
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    Founder PaSharp

    Packaging Software Packaging Software Couldn't agree more - MaxPro, a software suite of applications developed for the Packaging industry has won the 2011 Prepress Innovation category at the Flexotech awards ceremony on Wednesday night in London. For those who dare to think different...
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    Trapping software?

    Re: Trapping software? Not so much of a dinosaur in my mind John - MaxPro works in a very similar way - Graphic Republik - Innovative solutions for Packaging Professionals

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