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    Apogee cmyk+4 extra colors TVI

    Hello there I am using apogee 6.0 rip. My job is 8 color and cmyk + 3 pantone. My problem is that the customer wants to print their own special ink series along with their own special tvi values. I can also make cmyk colors that I know. The extra color of this curve is automatically linked to...
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    Plate clean bu, blanket keep ink.

    Hi All I'm using Agfa P970 plate Roland 900 offset printing machine. Sun chemical ink I checked with acetone, Result clean. I checked vech. result overexposure. Blanket layer status at the end of 1000. Baked using plate. Plase advise.
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    Adobe Illustrator CS5 different cropmarks

    Hello How can I make attached crop marks. I want to more short and more close all lines. Is it possible?
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    Delta E 94

    Delta E is 94. How can I do? What are the requirements? Where it is used? How much is required? Do you have knowledge in general? Thank you in advance for the answers.
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    IBF ctp plate

    Hi is there anybody have idea for ibf ctp termal plate here.

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