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    A curiosity: strange conversion results from custom icc profile

    As you know, rendering intents are the rules of how to handle out-of-gamut colors with converting from an ICC profile with a large color gamut to one with a smaller color gamut. Typically this would be a RGB to CMYK conversion. Perceptual compresses the entire gamut to fit inside the smaller...
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    A curiosity: strange conversion results from custom icc profile

    Change your rendering intent to Perceptual and you'll produce a color with these values: C93.1 M40.9 Y100 K50.2. That's probably closer to what you were expecting. Perceptual works much better than Relative Colormetric for out-of-gamut colors. Your profile overall looks good, it's slightly...
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    Can you export this file?

    Magnus, This is a great exercise and I appreciate your efforts in setting this up. After doing some testing and reviewing the results, I believe that Example #3 is the only correct sample. It all has to do with how we handle row #2. The Designer placed the images into InDesign with "Show...
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    Acuity Advance banding issues

    I'll give my two cents. I looked at the Fuji/Oce Acuity a while back while shopping for a UV Flatbed. I did not like it because of the banding. They had a setting where the UV intensity was increased in order to "burn" out the banding. The thought was if you increased the UV, you could "melt"...
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    Crop Mark Offset

    Unlike you, I have little control over the hundreds of PDF's that I receive. Where I work, the bindery department wants .125" bleed. Tomorrow I'll tell them Mike from a message board says that's WAY too much. 75% of the PDF's I receive have the Bleed Margin set to .125" and the Crop Mark...
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    Crop Mark Offset

    So....what's the odds in Adobe actually doing this?????????
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    Crop Mark Offset

    Someone tell me why the default Offset for Crop Marks when exporting a PDF from Adobe products is .0833?? If the "industry standard" for bleed is .125", why can't the software have .125" as the default?? I know, I know, use a Pitstop action to fix the marks. My case is it shouldn't be that way...
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    agfa anapurna

    ummm.....I was too.
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    Dilli U.V. Printer

    Sericol is owned by Fuji.
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    Dilli U.V. Printer

    Dilli OEM'ed their printers to Agfa which sells them under the Anapurna line. Agfa has distribution rights for these printers in North America and Europe. I have been told that the only difference between the Agfa version and the Dilli version is the type of ink used. Agfa uses their own inks...
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    Dilli U.V. Printer

    Do you have the Titan or the Venus??
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    agfa anapurna

    I am referring to the Anapurna M series not the Anapurna L/XL. The M series is cheaper than the OCE 350. It is a true combo printer unlike the OCE which is a flatbed printer that can print roll materials if you want to pay extra for the "roll attachment."
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    agfa anapurna

    Yes, contact Agfa, Yes. Prints IMO better than the OCE 350 and it's cheaper, especially if you want a combo machine that can print both roll and flat materials.
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    ID3 effects through ApogeeX 4.0 PDF Print Engine

    Re: ID3 effects through ApogeeX 4.0 PDF Print Engine nm Edited by: Jason on Apr 25, 2008 1:56 PM
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    Agfa LP68 Heating up problem?

    Re: Agfa LP68 Heating up problem? I had this problem before. I my case the temperature sensor was covered in gum. Once I cleaned it off things worked correctly. From the operator side of the machine, look into the back left corner of the finishing tank, you will see what looks like "3 silver...
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    Learning Color Management

    Re: Learning Color Management Buy the book "Real World Color Management" by Fraser, Murphy & Blunting

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