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  1. prepressdork

    Double-sided Epson proofs?

    Technically, wide format Epson printers are not two-sided proofers as there is no duplexer accessory available for them (that I know of), however, they ARE capable of printing on pre-cut sheets vs a roll of paper. There is a guide on the Epson that shows how to align a sheet of paper. Your...
  2. prepressdork

    crazy requests

    I once had a customer that 4 times a year would have us print a 4-pager (1500 quantity) but they would wait until the last possible minute to release art to us because of all the text changes they loved to make (and then make more after we proofed it!). So, about 11pm on a SATURDAY NIGHT, they...
  3. prepressdork

    Prinect Alternative

    I use Agfa's Apogee Prepress workflow. The nice thing about Apogee is that imposition is built in. Apogee Impose is a brilliant feature and offers A LOT of functionality. Best regards, pd
  4. prepressdork

    Proof disclaimers

    Mine says, "This proof is submitted to you for your protection against inadvertent errors. Color and/or typesetting should be checked carefully. Your signature will release us from any liability of typographic or any other proof errors." Best regards, pd
  5. prepressdork

    Acrobat and Flightcheck

    Oh, one more idea before uninstalling/reinstalling. Try creating a test macOS user account, login to that account, FlightCheck a PDF and see if Acrobat opens.
  6. prepressdork

    Acrobat and Flightcheck

    Although it's a pain, I wonder if a complete uninstall/reinstall of Acrobat might do the trick. After uninstalling, run the AcroCleaner tool from Adobe which removes all the files/folders that the Acrobat Uninstaller does not and reboot. The AcroCleaner tool can be found here: AcroCleaner —...
  7. prepressdork

    Acrobat and Flightcheck

    Do you get the error if the PDF you are FlightCheck'ing isn't on the desktop but maybe in a folder somewhere?
  8. prepressdork

    Acrobat and Flightcheck

    One other thing to try would be to temporarily disable any Anti-Malware software you might have installed. It could be interfering with this.
  9. prepressdork

    Acrobat and Flightcheck

    I doubt this will work but it's worth a try: In Acrobat, go to Preferences > Security (Enhanced). If enabled, try disabling Enhanced Security, close Acrobat, and see if Acrobat will open the PDF through FlightCheck now. Best regards, pd
  10. prepressdork

    Some questions on i-cut/Esko file set up, mainly for yard signs

    Hi NW3, I don't have iCut or anything Esko but there might be a solution that could work outside of iCut/Esko. If you have a Mac, you can run the following AppleScript (if you don't have a Mac, I'm sure a JavaScript could be written) on your PDF which will duplicate each page in the PDF : tell...
  11. prepressdork

    The New Workflow

    Bossman should be fired.
  12. prepressdork

    Acrobat SO SLOW...

    I have experienced this on the Mac version of Acrobat (with Pitstop but no FusionPro) when the PDF contains images with ridiculously high resolution or when there is A LOT (ie thousands of paths) of vector content. Reducing the resolution of said images usually does the trick. Rasterizing said...
  13. prepressdork

    Quite Imposing for VDP?

    The Montax interface can certainly be confusing. As for their variable feature, it basically works like this: 1. Open an imposition and select your data source. 2. Add a text box to the imposition. 3. Select a field from the data source. 4. Configure font properties of the text frame. 5...
  14. prepressdork

    print a PS file in OsX

    Choose Print from the File menu. There should be a dropdown menu as shown below and one of the options in the menu is 'Save as Postscript'. Hope this helps! Best regards, pd
  15. prepressdork

    TIFF 1 Bit Import

    Are you looking to RENDER 1bit TIFF images? If so, I'm pretty sure you would need the 'OpenConnect' license. Of course, I could be wrong. Unless Agfa has changed the name of it, I don't see it listed. Anyone from Agfa roaming these halls? Best regards, pd
  16. prepressdork

    Getting Credit

  17. prepressdork

    Dual Sided Impo Proof Paper

    You're quite welcome! :-)
  18. prepressdork

    Dual Sided Impo Proof Paper

    I use DS-103 from MidStates Graphics (Home | Mid-States Graphics Ltd) for double-sided inkjet proofing. Works well. Maybe give them a try. They offer this paper in rolls or sheets. Best regards, pd
  19. prepressdork

    Dual Sided Impo Proof Paper

    Which brand? Where did you purchase the paper you have on hand?
  20. prepressdork

    PDF to ppf converter

    Maybe give PressPerCent a look see: Excourse PressPerCent Information Best regards, pd


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