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    Pantone Color of the Year-2020: PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue

    Any stabs at mixing formula for this color? D
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    Shelf life of Pantone inks

    I would say 6 months to 1 year for fluorescents such as 805. The fugitive dyes will have a tendency to diminish with time. UV curable inks would be 1 year. Regular oil based inks can be 5 years. Be more careful with blacks as the carbon containing ink can absorb the driers and effect drying. D
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    Employee Asset

    Dr. Doolittle revealed.
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    Ink Save Software

    Try a can of Economist. :)
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    i heard on the street today

    There's always the Pinta and Santa Maria as alternatives. :)
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    Printings Past

    Ink is the greatest missive weapon of all the battles of the learned. Still true, even though sitting in front of this computer screen. D
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    Shortage of inks

    Tried and true method as follows: 8.5 x 11" coated solid sheet will use 30 lbs. for 100,000 impressions That's 93.5 square inches. 8.5 x 11' uncoated solid sheet will use 45 lbs., again 100,000 impressions. You then can calculate any job, coverage based on total square inches and print run...
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    Printing in the US costs 3x as much as in Europe?

    Perhaps the Europeans may be complaining about the comparative cost of their print versus that of China. Just a thought, not certain. D
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    Fading Ink

    The verdict is in. Currently there is no advanced technology to accomplish this. However, thank you for keeping the wheels spinning. D
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    Sheetfed UV - alternative ink & AQ sequence

    Ask your ink supplier for a non-yellowing overprint varnish. These products are water white and should work great at sealing the sheet for your dry trap color to POP! D
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    Sheetfed UV - alternative ink & AQ sequence

    Yes slightly, but an underprint oleoresinous varnish (similar to OP Varnish) would work better. Dry trap of course. D Ink Man
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    Fading Ink

    Investigation underway. Films at 11. D
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    Ink Is The Greatest.......

    Feeling warm and fuzzy after the last two post replies. We are regressing. That's why; Ink Is The Greatest...……. D
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    Ink Is The Greatest.......

    Missive Weapon Of All The Battles Of The Learned. Use to be certainly true. Don't know if it still pertains and resonates. D Ink Man
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    U.S. Flushing away Canada's old boreal forests

    Old Granddad use to use old Sears & Roebuck catalogs. It served well in the outhouses of yesterday. Cannot revert to that anymore because there is no printing. Oh well. D
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    Automatic Lamination System Suggestions

    Try Carver. However, may be just for laboratory types. But they could lead you to production equipment. D
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    Distilled vs Reverse Osmosis for adding humidity

    I think Gordo is on to something here. The paper stock is likely the problem for the calcium build up, not the water. D
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    Ink Adhesion Issues

    Could be an over cure. Using the MEK test could help you to see if you are curing the print properly. Using MEK and a cotton swab stroke 20-25 times to see if ink is removed. Less than 20 strokes is under cure and over 25 strokes is over cure. One back and forth stroke counts as one. D Ink Man


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The Push To Be a More Versatile Printer
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