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    Need help in this situation

    I had something like this in my Xerox contracts. It bothered me but they never charged for excessive use of toner. It was explained to me that there are some unscrupulous users out there that sell the toner that they get on their service contract. You’ll have to read the contract carefully to...
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    KM C4070 verse Fujifilm v3100i

    It was my understanding that the Versant Xerox branded 280 and 4100 were the same as the Fuji branded 180i and 3100i. They all came out about 2.5 years ago, making the 3100i the same as a 2.5 year old 4100. I have no experience with the KM, so I can’t comment on that. It makes sense to stay...
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    waterproof labels?

    I have used polyester stock from GF Labels and had no problems with it on my 80 or 280. I like that they also stock 12x18 sheets and 11x17. You’ll have to call them because their site is down for maintenance or redo.
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    Success running NCR on inkjet light production printer?

    For single color ncr, I would second the digital duplicator. I run 2 older Ricoh HQ9000 that I have never had a service contract on and have over 10 million prints on them. They are work horses that fit certain jobs perfectly. I don’t do as much ncr today as I did years ago but I run thousands...
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    How much electricity & UPS ???

    A UPS device is a good idea to protect your equipment from not only power outages, but also voltage fluctuation like spikes and drops that can cause damage over the long term. You can find UPS calculators on many manufacturers' websites, you'll need to know your total wattage, VA for each device...
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    Xerox Versant 2100 - Fuser/Print Quality Issues

    This may be a bit more helpful. The guide on the operators side that I was referring to is called the heat belt position sensor assembly. Your belt must ride up against this sensor, if your belt is to far to the left (operators side) then the belt may be sitting on top of the sensor arm instead...
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    Xerox Versant 2100 - Fuser/Print Quality Issues

    I don't have a 2100 but I did have this issue of the colors not registering correctly on my Versant 280. For the registration issue, check the white roller on the right side that rides on top of the fuser belt. Mine had a build up of crap on it from the fuser roller going bad. Clean it off if...
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    Hydraulic paper cutter and the bleeding of lines? Triumph 5551

    If you think you have air in the lines you could back off (until fluid leaks) one of the hose fittings that will allow you to catch the hydraulic fluid as you bleed the lines. Or you could take it apart and make sure you fill all the lines and new cylinder with fluid. Small amounts of air should...
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    Xitron Ships 5,000th Navigator Digital Front End

    The article actually said 35,000 installed, so you're right about that.
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    Xerox Booklet Maker Not Jogging Well

    It was Chorus Art Digital.
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    Xerox Booklet Maker Not Jogging Well

    I don’t have a trimmer on the booklet maker and it’s a self-cover booklet. The temporary solution for setting the paper width a bit wider than the paper 11.1” vs 11”, worked but it’s not an ideal solution. It’s 100lb gloss text (148gsm) long grain and only 3 sheets for a 12 page booklet. The...
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    Xerox Booklet Maker Not Jogging Well

    Registration is very good. I tried going in the other direction and set the paper width to 11.1" instead of 11" and that seems to have solved the problem. Something most be off and I'll have to get the tech to look into it next visit. I don't see anywere that I can make an adjustment for the...
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    Xerox Booklet Maker Not Jogging Well

    I have a Production Ready Booklet Maker on my Versant 280 and I'm running a 12 page booklet on 100lb coated text and I'm getting a good number of booklets that are not being jogged well. I'll get sheets that are not jogged and off about 1mm or so. I set the page width to 10.9 and also 10.8 to...
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    Scored glossy digital print folding issue

    This looks like a nice setup for the DC 618, I don't have any experience with it but knife folding 400 gsm sure would be nice. Duplo DC-618 In-Line folder If you have the tabletop Baum you can't set the pressure/gap between the rollers. If you only have this problem with heavy toner I have to...
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    Scored glossy digital print folding issue

    Normally the folder will follow the score even if the fold plates are slightly off, so this is unusual. I have a 618 and it does an okay job on 100lb coated text, make sure you’re using the correct narrower width anvil on the Duplo 618. It sounds more like your fold rollers are allowing the...
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    Hohner Stitcher Repairs...

    You can rebuild them yourself if you have the time. I get my parts for my stitcher heads at Update ltd. I don't remember if they provide rebuilding but you may want to contact them with your Hohner model to see what they offer. You can sometimes find some reasonably priced used heads on ebay...
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    400gsm registration Xerox versant 280

    SRA3 won’t fit in the auto document feeder so that can’t be the issue with the error. You're correct, it's better to use the glass even if the paper can run in the document feeder because the glass is more accurate, .1mm vs .2mm for feeder. I don’t run much 400 gsm but I do have some 16pt c2s...
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    fujifilm Revoria Press ec1100

    Is this from a sales agent talking or is it documented information provided by Fuji? I'm curious as to how Fuji is going about enhancing the gloss level, new toner or modified fuser area?
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    400gsm registration Xerox versant 280

    I receive this error message occasionally when the engine is not warmed up enough. Sometimes it takes running a few sheets to get up to temperature, then the SIQA registration can be completed. If this isn’t the case, then you may want to look at a few other options. On 400 gsm stock make sure...
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    Xerox Versant 80- Purchase?

    It will be very difficult to stay competitive with such a high click charge. Even at a lower volume it's two times what it should be. Don't let this sales rep tank your new business before you even get started. I don't like service base charges and I always let them know ahead of time that I...


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