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    Kodak Magnus 400 needs help with Heidelberg ND100 plate settings

    We have a Kodak Magnus 400, we are having issues with the heidelberg nd100 non-process plates. We use the recommended amounts of heidelberg FS and Sub, along with a RO water system. Example issues: pressman had a hickey and went to wipe it with his finger on the plate and the image came off...
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    laminator for soft touch nylon and the like?

    For digital prints you really should probably use D&K superstick. Nylon is only intended for one sided lamination (it will tend to wrinkle on 2 sided laminates). Nylon is what they call a "Curl Free film" it's mostly used for book covers and similar projects, you'll want to get OPP STD for...
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    Heidelberg SM-52 Actual Electrical Power Draw

    I'm looking for someone that has a Heidelberg SM-52 with a coating unit that can tell me the actual amperage draw from the machine when it's running. Preferrably a SM-52-5-P+L, but really any 4 or 5 color with a coating unit. I need to find out the actual draw at the electrical panel when the...
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    Ricoh 7100 UV not adhering to large solids . . .

    We run a Ricoh c901s and a 7110. UV sticks great to the 901 prints, we can the UV coater at full speed and no issues, but we have to slow down the feed applicator wheels, and the drive belt when doing the 7100 prints. The UV needs a little extra time to bite into the heavy toner areas on 7100...
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    Lotem 400 expose problem TSP

    Thanks, I reseated the TSP board and connecting cable and the problem seems to have been resolved.
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    Lotem 400 expose problem TSP

    I need a little help as Kodak doesn't service this machine anymore. I have a lotem 400v. Last week a new problem developed. During exposing the system aborts the process anywhere between 30% and 75%. I've reset the TSP board and the system entirely. Only 2 good plates out of the last 10...


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