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  1. doc_hoovie

    One More Thing

    How prophetic! We just had our meeting on this very topic yesterday 🤣 32 years in print, time to look for greener pastures. It’s been a good run.
  2. doc_hoovie

    New Plate Issues

    And another thing...the press room says there’s a problem on the magenta plates, and requests that you make them like the other ones. And clean the processor.
  3. doc_hoovie

    Kodak plates bad from the factory?

    Thank you all for your responses, I'll try to answer some questions you posed. First off, the scratches we're catching internally before they go out the back door are all straight off the line, before even being bent, hung on the rack or leaving the department. Since it was brought up though...
  4. doc_hoovie

    Kodak plates bad from the factory?

    Hi all, we are running Kodak Thermal Gold plates (600x889x30mm) for one of our presses, and using an older Quartz processor. For weeks on end we have been dealing with scratches that's been resulting in much time and sigs wasted on press to clean them up, or outright makeovers and all the...
  5. doc_hoovie

    Introduce yourself!

    Hello forum! My name is Steve, and I am a new member here. I found this place by accident while looking for information on the web regarding Kodak Thermal Gold plates. I work for LSC Communications in Lancaster, Pa. and have been here for 28 years. Started in the directory bindery, then moved...


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The Push To Be a More Versatile Printer
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