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    Error Code

    Not sure if this helps. But I usually go to the service manual and discuss it with the tech.
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    Ricoh 9200 vs konica12000

    We are facing the same issue. Constant down time and longer wait for a service call. Looking into Ricoh
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    Konica Minolta can't print orange?

    One possibility could be the change in the magenta toner they had. I saw a big difference in my red colors. Not sure I print a lot of oranges but my reds tend to be on the purple side and I usually have to take out some cyan.
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    Stumped trying to run numbered multi-page PDF on NCR Very inexpensive software to buy.
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    Konica Minlota C1060 Issue

    I had a similar problem with heavy stock on my 6136. We changed the timing to a delay on the paper settings. When I go in tomorrow I will send you a screen shot. It seems to be working 95% better.
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    Usually the roller pressures are too tight to plate. I also have had the problem with ink being too soft. I add a water repellent varnish to thicken it up. has been what works for me.
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    KM C6100 Vs Canon 10000 VS Xerox 3100

    All of them have their good and bad points. Very happy with the Konica 6100 I looked at the Canon 10000, I have the C700, saw some color issues and just didn't print as clean. IMO
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    Konica Minolta Accuriopress 6136.

    Thanks for the input
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    Konica Minolta Accuriopress 6136.

    Trying to take the B&W copies off my color machine. Any input on the Accuriopress 6136 would be appreciated.
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    PRINT SIZE/BACK UP on Canon ImagePress 700/850

    Agr8prntr, The Konica 6100 is almost two times the lease as the Canon C700. The click charge is .05 less. But the production is 3 times more...
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    PRINT SIZE/BACK UP on Canon ImagePress 700/850

    I also have the Canon C700. It has been an ongoing problem since I leased it among other issues. Plus if you skew the crops to line up, as you start printing they will move down the sheet and out of alignment with the front as you are printing. The Techs will say it's within normal standards...
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    KonicaMinolta 6100 and Ricoh 9200/7200

    Hello John, I have the KM. What would you like to know? Jeff
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    Canon Imagepress c700 Quality Problems

    Thanks for your input PrintIt! Let me rephrase the volume. Best month is around 100,000 Average is around 75,000
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    Canon Imagepress c700 Quality Problems

    Anyone running the Canon c700/800 having quality problems? Running approximately 100,000 copies per month. Machine is about 14 months old. (We print some preprinted stock from our offset presses). Registration Problems, Poor solid coverage, Color inconsistency within the same job? Seems like we...
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    B&W Machine suggestions

    Looking to take my B&W work off of my Canon Color machine. Need to run 13 x 19 300 gsm. Doing 50-75k a month and growing. Suggestions?
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    We're looking at a Heidelberg Printmaster QM46

    I have been running the Quickmaster since 2001. Make ready can be as quick as 1 minute to 10 minutes depending on the job. Clean up takes about 10 minutes unless you go from a dark color to light color. Then you can add about ten more minutes to run cleaner and wash up again. A lot has to do...
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    Heidelberg QM 46 Plate Punch

    I might have an extra one. I will look and let you know. Send me an email to and I will reply


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