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    Experience. Retirement is so "free-ing." Not worrying if customers are hitting the right shade of red, getting their toner orders, sweating sales goals, blah-blah-blah. I've removed all business contacts from my cell phone, and changed the number. Deleted all industry-related bookmarks from my...
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    KM Pro951 PS Driver - 'Stamp' tab

    Give it a shot. You won't break anything for trying!
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    Konica Minolta c6000 print speeds

    FWIW, the C6000 and C6100 are built on completely different platforms. The C6100 is *not * a "next generation" C6000, so you cannot infer anything from a C6100 about the C6000. At this point, so many years after the C6000 was a current model, the best answer you're going to find, Greg, is in...
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    Why would EFI even build a new version for IC-313 if KM didn't order it?
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    I doubt it. FS300 Pro is long in the tooth already, and if anything, rather than bring new features and functionality to it, they'll just go on releasing fixes. I'm sure that new features development is focused more on FS400 Pro now, and the roadmap of future releases. I don't speak for EFI...
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    The IC-313 came with FS200 Pro at initial release in 2018. It has long since been upgradeable to FS300 Pro, but you won't see FS400 Pro for the C6100.
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    The latest Fiery system software, FS400 Pro, offers APPE 5.0. Konica Minolta was the first to offer Fiery servers with FS400 Pro back in February, for their C14000 and C12000 machines. Canon just announced Fiery servers with FS4000 Pro, for their C10010VP and C9010VP machines, last month. These...
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    Never forget when I first learned typesetting on a Compugraphic Editwriter in a small place off Canal Street in NYC . . . this was the early '80s . . . the owner looked over my shoulder and said, "Looks like shit." Motivated me to get the hell out.
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    Go to this page and search on "1500"
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    I did a quick Google search and found a potential answer. What version of DesignMerge do you have?
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    Experience with Konica Minolta PB 503 perfect binding unit?

    The cover tray of the PB-503 maxes out at 18.5" length. The PB-503 itself trims off the excess from the face edge of the rear cover. Given that, there's no reason not to just use 18.5" long stock all the time.
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    HELP Konica minolta c2060L

    "They were not able to fix it." That's BS. It's their job to fix it, by replacing parts if necessary. And if the dealer tech can't figure it out, he needs to escalate to 2nd tier support. Write a letter to the owner of the dealership. If you're paying for service, you should be getting effective...
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    HELP Konica minolta c2060L

    Which controller do you have, KM or Fiery?
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    Imposing PDF saddle stitched booklet. (removing bleeds)

    Use the Trim & Shift function in Quite Imposing Plus. In two steps: remove the bleed edge from the left hand side of your odd numbered pages, and from the right hand side of your even numbered pages. In a third step, you can use QIP's Create Booklet function to create the printer spreads. Of...
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    USA Today to end print edition

    What, me worry?
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    MGI Meteor DP8700 XL???????

    Here's another Google hit that might be useful:
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    MGI Meteor DP8700 XL???????

    (Copied from the forum. I am not a tech, I just Googled this.) For J-3102 Please check harness connected to the PRCB corresponding to the sensor Either you remove and connect again or replace PRCB
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    Canon 6011 fiery calibration question

    I saw something like that once when a user wasn't holding the ES-2000 right, but rocking it a little while sliding it down the chart, letting light in from the sides. The resulting measurement curve looked like a sine wave.
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    New Printer vs Second Hand Printer

    The C1060L and the Duplo 616 Pro is a dynamite combination. The weak link in this combination is the FS-612 AIO finisher-stapler (if that's what you got) on the C1060L. Understand the specs in detail, so you know what it can do, and what it cannot. IMO it's an office-class finisher.
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    Fiery Command work Station

    This is the reason for face down default: When you are printing a multiple-sheet job, with "face down," the first page ripped is the first page printed. It is delivered face down so that, when you pick up a complete set from the output tray and flip it over, the pages are all in order. You can...


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