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    Xerox 700i alternatives

    that is correct.
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    Xerox 700i

    hardware is the same, but the software is new. Many things can be improved and corrected with new firmware. The new firmware will address that.
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    Xerox 700i

    yes, it can be done.
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    Which printer

    not sure what is the Xerox 7000 ... in the U.S., I would recommend looking at the Xerox 700i or Xerox 770.
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    Xerox Docucolor Clicks

    * Slow? the Xerox iGen 4 220 can run up to 220 impressions per minute * Paper curls? from the smallest Xerox in the production line, the Xerox 550, the units can now have built-in decurlers that can be adjusted on the fly * Digital paper selection. Small? Every year there are more and more...
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    Xerox 700 down again, since last week, no repsonse from Xerox

    Stew, 1. location? 2. what exactly is "drastic" color variation? Do you have a way to measure it? The documentation will tell you the acceptable deltaE.
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    Feeding 24" preprinted shells

    I would ask Xerox to run some tests. I'm not an iGen expert but if I remember correctly, the way the xerographics work on the iGen allow it to run "crazy" stocks. I think there's something specifically about the way the toner is transferred on to the paper...
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    Presentation Folders on digital

    that's a very common application: Xerox High Gloss Presentation Folders 12 pt 9.25 x 11.75, 3R12458 - DigiFolders Custom Pocket Folder Kits
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    Carbonless on X700i

    Xerox Premium Digital Carbonless paper is in the Xerox 700 Recommended Material List. Choosing the Right Paper Stock or Specialty Paper
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    Carbonless on X700i

    correct; use it at your own risk. you should have no major issues. "NCR" and "carbonless" are 2 different things too. The original NCR paper was created for offset printing; digital carbonless paper was created for digital printing.
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    Recent pushback by Canon on inclusive toner service contracts

    I'm hearing many of these stories lately ... I'm in the U.S. by the way. I would say read carefully your terms and conditions. No matter what they promised unless it's in writing.
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    Decent digital press manufactuers

    if you buy a car and for some reason it doesn't work, you still have to pay your car loan.
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    Xerox 700 Artwork

    check this out, here are a few Xerox tools about designing for digital printing:
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    postcard & doorhanger machine - 100lb cover

    if the postcard is addressed with all the automatic algorithms from the USPS, the pieces may not need to pass by any postal machinery. UV always help; regardless if the piece was printed in digital or offset.
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    postcard & doorhanger machine - 100lb cover

    for 200k prints a month, you need multiple Xerox 700 (maybe 3) or a bigger unit like the Xerox DocuColor 8080.
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    what new equipment to look out for in 2012?

    check this one out, price tag is $3.8M Xerox's Waterless Inkjet System CiPress 500 Debuts at Graph Expo / Xerox Newsroom
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    Magnetic Toner

    did you check ACOM? MICR Printers, MICR Check Printers, Laser Check Printing and MICR Toner Experts
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    Magnetic Toner

    what's the monthly print volume you need to do with MICR?
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    Xerox 700 fuser temperature

    easier fix should be replace the fuser ... it takes 2 minutes
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    What Machine Next?

    1 Xerox DocuColor 8080 or 2 Xerox 700 could do that


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The Push To Be a More Versatile Printer
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