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    G 7 certification

    For us we get more effective "printing to the numbers and easier press to proof match. Good grey balance without the guess work. We also do not need custom press profiles.
  2. J

    printing certification

    Always a good idea to get your curves checked and adjusted as necessary. I have a guy come in from our ink supplier once a year and we are constantly moving our curves a little to get as close to proofs as possible.
  3. J

    impression per hour

    When our company bought a new Goss Sunday 4000 the contact we signed had ridiculous speeds associated with it. The Goss trainers never could get the press to run those speeds and when we did we damaged either the press or created piles of un sellable work.
  4. J

    goss sunday 4000 sleeve issues

    Any help here would be appreciated.We have been having a severe problem with paper rings damaging our sleeves. The edge of the web is building up on our sleeves so that when we go to a wider web,sleeves are leaving a non printed line in our work. We are also having issues with our eletra washers...
  5. J

    water chemistry - what are we all using?

    we are running a goss sunday 4000 4 unit and we started using a product called grafsolve 4000 last year. It really saved our ass concerning ink feedback into the water train / slip rollers
  6. J

    goss sunday 4000/pcf-3 folder

    well when the splicer fails to splice and the press stops,i go back to the splicer and the error message will read a regenerative power supply failure but the power is still being supplied unless it failed for a fraction of a second. This happens only on a top to bottom splice sequence( the...
  7. J

    goss sunday 4000/pcf-3 folder

    actually we have a problem that we cant solve with the contiweb splicer...we keep getting a regenerative power supply failure at the web splices which causes the splice to fail. Goss wants us to swap the plc's and drives with each other and see if this changes the problem but this would cause us...
  8. J

    goss sunday 4000/pcf-3 folder

    we have the auto plate loader as well,when its working right you cant beat it but at times it does require a lot of attention.about the gapless still get a degree of pull down in exit of nip point and there is still some web flutter
  9. J

    goss sunday 4000/pcf-3 folder

    Just wondering but are there any guys on this forum that work on a goss sunday 4000 press? I certainly would like to communicate with others that work on the same type of equipment that we have. I have already learned much just from reading some of the other posts although the press was...


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The Push To Be a More Versatile Printer
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