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  1. almaink

    Good Financial News

    I have been working here at Alma Offset for what would have been 28 years come this May 28th but I just got word the shop is closing at the end of this month because there is no work. To be fair the owner never hired any sales people or updated to digital presses but I never thought I would be...
  2. almaink

    problem in prepare Magazine pdf files for printing

    Jpeg 2000 compression will give the smallest file size with the best print quality if your workflow supports it.
  3. almaink

    I need tutorials in how to use enfocus pitsto action ) for beginners

    How much of a beginner are you? Do you have any prepress or design skills?
  4. almaink

    additional Pantone + colours not in Adobe apps

    A quick Google search found this.
  5. almaink

    Problem with Post Script Files

    Where is the postscript being written? Are you using InDesigns print dialog to do it, and if so do you have the correct PPD file for your RIP selected? Have you checked the PS file by converting it to a PDF? Like Stephen said it's been a long time since any of us have dealt with postscript files.
  6. almaink

    OS X Yosemite

    Notification Center doesn't drive you crazy? I found a way to disable it completely using Terminal app. How to permanently remove Notification Center from OS X The Firewire drive was causing the restart issue. I switched it to use a USB interface and the problems have not returned. Yosemite...
  7. almaink

    OS X Yosemite

    I had it running v12.1b.8 but Yosemite was such a convoluted mess it made me go back to Mavericks. I had all kinds of issues with my firewire drive and slow reboots not to mention the Notification BS that was driving me crazy. Right now I'm dual booting back and forth between Mavericks and Snow...
  8. almaink

    Shooter box

    I found a PC at Tiger Direct that will work. Fuji wanted over 5 grand to replace it, the one from Tiger Direct was under $500. Turns out all I needed was a PC with an old school PCI 33 slot for the Screener card.
  9. almaink

    Shooter box

    Our shooter box shxx the bed over the weekend. Does anyone know if any old PC work or if I need to buy something special to replace it? I called Fuji and they pretty much told me if I do that it may or may not work. If I buy one from their guy its a slam dunk and they can have me back up...
  10. almaink

    Epson 9900 Failed Cleaning

    The thing that kills me is the printer has only 1365 pages on it. Not very many for the print head to got tits up already. I Googled this issue and it seems I'm not alone either as it's a common problem with these new Epson's. A class action law suit is in order, if I owned this POS I get one...
  11. almaink

    Epson 9900 Failed Cleaning

    I did the windex thing 4 times and the nozzle check still came out like the head is clogged.
  12. almaink

    Epson 9900 Failed Cleaning

    My 9890 Epson started giving that message about 6 months ago. 2 weeks ago the cyan head got clogged and it started to band if I print at 720 DPI. I ran all the cleaning cycles, I even went into service mode and ran them but the nozzle check still shows broken lines in the same place in cyan. I...
  13. almaink

    PitStop Pro compatibility with Acrobat DC

    I think you need to also remove all the stuff in the main Library/Application Support/ Adobe/ then any folder named Acrobat for your version. Do the same for user/Library/ Application Support/ Adobe so that stuff isn't overwritten. It's getting to be a PITA to install stuff anymore as they put...
  14. almaink

    Customer stealing eProof files

    If I think the customer might take the proof and run, I send a screen shot from my Mac. It's an easy raster to make and small enough to email.
  15. almaink

    31 years in offset...

    I sit here reading this in one of the last offset shops in the area with no work at all for the last 2 weeks now and it's been like this for the last 5 years. Busy for a week or two, then nothing for weeks. We have no sales people, don't advertise because we have been here for 51 years with...
  16. almaink

    Who images plates?

    I send the plates over to the platesetter and either put the plates in myself, or have a pressman do it if they have nothing else to do.
  17. almaink

    How many years do you hold onto customer print files?

    I still have archived files on CD's from 1998. Before that we used a Syquest drive to archive but those tapes got lost in a flood. After that we started burning CD's. Then when DVD's came out we stared burning those, I have years of them. Now I archive to a firewire drive and I also have a...
  18. almaink

    InDesign and Illustrator Spot Color Conversions Don't Match

    I always leave Pantone's as spots, and let my RIP ( it has it's own Pantone lookup tables) convert to CMYK if needed. That way no matter where the file was generated from, it converts to process using the same values.
  19. almaink

    Is the Death of Offset Near?

    It is almost dead in my area. When I started in printing there were print shops everywhere. You needed a job? All you needed to do was walk around the conner. Our shop used to have so many jobs to do back in the day, we didn't know how we were going to get them done. Now I'm lucky to work a few...
  20. almaink

    A FREE Acrobat plugin from Enfocus to help you fix those pesky missing font problems

    So it's not really free, you have to buy the fonts if you don't have them already installed on your system?


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