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    Screen CTP

    Hi, the 4300 is a great machine, I work on these, and they are great But there are a few things to take into consideration. First thing is check on who is selling it, "Refurbished" is very much open to interpretation. I have heard of dealers pick up a machine from site A, clean the exterior...
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    Uv plates discontinued

    I think the plates that you are referring to is 405nm violet based plates. And you are right they are going, there are some for non UV inks which last a tad longer, but from what I have herd those do not have a long life. There is no way a 2055 can be converted to run thermal plates. In the...
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    Alternative to high resolution imagesetting

    There are solutions, but it will depend on what your requirements are in terms of size and how much you are willing to compromise and how deep your pockets are 1. Thermal, There are some solutions around from a couple of companies. The MPM product is a great little product for its designed...
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    Random Crooked plates on Screen 4300E

    A few other things worth taking a look at is where the issue is, is it punching badly or loading badly, you can check this by laying plates on top of each other and seeing if they all fit. Also worth checking the springs which help the transport unit go back up. unlikely but worth checking. But...
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    Apogge, tiff 1 Bit Files

    Hope you got this sorted in the end, for those confused about the interface on this device. This seems to be a rare build I believe only Agfa has, It does not have a PIF interface, nor as I understand can it have sockets retrofitted. Instead it is network only. The network connection actually...
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    The best way to convert a violet based CTP to thermal is going to trade it in. I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure there are no violet systems that can retro upgraded to thermal. The technologies are very different.
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    CTP Recommendations

    I don't know what part of thye world you are in, but you need to consider a good plate supply, available service and parts and of course money. The screen machines work on different technologies, There are some that use individual diodes via optics and latter an array) there are usually 32...
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    CTP Recommendations

    Take the time to do you homework for your local area, you may find that a Screen CTP may be fit the bill. There are lots of them in the field as sold under, Screen,Agfa,Fuji and Heidelberg(older ones) names. This means there quite a few techs in the field and sources of parts. The other...
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    Coronavirus infect to the Drupa

    If it does run I suspect it will be a much smaller event. No one is going to commit to it untill the last possible moment. With it less than a year away and no one having a clue what the world will be like next year (economically and Covid wise)i It takes a brave soul to commit so much money...
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    FM Screen 30 microns highlight dots lost on CRON CTP

    Some thoughts on this. What kind of plates are you using, not all plates/CTP/processors are rated for FM screening. When you say the highlight dot is bad, is that on plate or press? Where as AM screening is often done with a just a plate linearisation, FM is a different ball game, and needs...
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    Whats it like in your Country / Part of the World?

    Hi, just curious what it is like around the world at these horrible times. While I don't work in printing directly, but supply/service of equipment side it feels like everything is on pause, Installs cancelled, no call outs etc We have been lucky in the governemnt has been good with an 80% of...
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    Looking at Platesetter

    They are solid machines, and probably the most common CTP out there for a reason, Parts are easy to get, in regards to price, as others have said make sure diodes are OK, clamps cycles are low, also worth checking m41 pump is working. Regarding RIP, it is worth checking what you need, if it is...
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    Prinergy (TIFF) to Tiff catcher PC

    Thanks for everyone feedback, I have made some initial progress, I set the IRPStackSize Registry entry (by default there is not one) to value of 50 - decimal and also set a security settings LAN Manager Authentication level, which I think was a red herring, but kept it anyway. I then found...
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    Prinergy (TIFF) to Tiff catcher PC

    Hi, Hoping someone here might be able to help Trying to get Prinergy to send tiff files to a Windows 7 Box. Tiff catcher PC box is configured with share, has ARAXI user added and process plan all working. and if you send a set of CMYK plates down it all works like a charm. However Send more...
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    Fuji V6 Luxel Server

    I was curious if anyone has managed to get the Fuji v6 luxel server software running on something newer than 2003 Server / XP to run with CelebranNT as a tiff catcher? These OS are no longer supported by Microsoft.


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