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    Agfa Elantrix 150 DX

    Service manuals are company confidential. Agfa (Home) can help with a user manual.
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    The Extended Warranty

    Hmm..... "doughnuts monthly" sounds like an E-magazine geared towards the baking industry.
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    My Story

    SSSmokiiinnnnnn......... :ROFLMAO:😂
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    Going Viral

    Would never happen in South Africa. Only black owned businesses get bailed out, then the top echelons all buy themselves new luxury cars and massive houses.
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    Team Building Goes Wrong

    Reminds me of a team building conference many years ago. The exercise was supposed to be a paintball fight, where the names of the team members were "randomly picked out of a hat". When we saw that the one team consisted of management and senior supervisors and the other team consisted of...
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    The Excuse

    Idiot. Hasn't he learned yet that it is never a good idea to have one's back facing the door? heh heh heh ......
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    Promoting from Within?

    Just applying the perfect example of every government that has ever come into power by making the obliteration of nepotism, cronyism and corruption part of their policy.
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    Rediculous question from mgt

    Had a very similar experience many years ago when I first started working. Its at times like these that one realises exactly how out of touch damagement really is. I will admit, not always, but the greater majority of times. In this case, I am sure that the term "compatible" is being used as a...
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    A.I. Arrives in the Shop

    I tend to agree with Possumgal. Predictable, yes. Less moody, definitely. Sensible, hmmm...... needs some thought. But then Ulrich's point (Space Oddity 2001 .... LOL) makes me want to think again. But, bottom line is that Artificial Intelligence doesn't have a patch on Natural Stupidity.
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    Dealing with the Issues

    Can't stop giggling at the comic strip and the comments.........
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    Anyone Faxing these days?

    LOL... Good old days - in a way, yes. I started working directly out of school in 1974. Thinking about large offices containing many machines, I remember the main CTO (Central Telegraph Office, which handled all telegrams) in Johannesburg where I was stationed for around 3 0r 4 months during my...
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    Anyone Faxing these days?

    If I may be pedantic, that picture is not of fax machines. Those are Siemens T100 50Baud Teleprinters (Telex machines), fitted with tape punches and punch tape readers. Magnificent machines. I worked for the South African Post Office (Telkom these days) during the heydays of those machines...
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    New Plate Issues

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    New Plate Issues

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    New Plate Issues

    Excellent. Slammer, right-click on the picture, click on "Save Image As", then you can save it to your hard drive. Unless you have a Mac, then its very complicated..... ;)
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    The Printshop Motto

    NO! NO! NO! ... That is a perfect recipe for going bankrupt. "INVOICE" and "SHIP" are transposed... heh heh heh ......
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    Hazing the Intern

    This sort of thing really pisses me off. Instead of making good use of precious time by teaching someone ignorant something really relevant, the instigator is revealing his/her own insecurity by trying to sink someone else's dingy in an infantile attempt to make their own flagship more...
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    My company intend to buy a CRON CTcP machine

    A little impossible for all CRON machines installed here to be "unlucky". Also, a machine supply company should not employ "servicemans are dumb". All CRONs hare have been replaced, CRONs have all be scrapped. Customers now running AdvantageN-SA/SL and all are very happy.
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    Expert Qualifications

    A couple of quotes from others (philosophers/ scientists/ cant remember) come to mind. 1. Nothing fails like success. Success means that nothing has been learned. 2. There is no such thing as failure. You have learned another way that does not work. Gordo, many of your comic strips (for want of...
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    Initialization error on Advantage N SL CTP

    Good day Jorge. Has you problem been sorted out?


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The Push To Be a More Versatile Printer
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