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  1. Mike Herndon

    After 30 years no longer in print, new chapters begin...

    After 30 years no longer in print, new chapters begin...
  2. Mike Herndon

    X-rite Exact Scann VS Techkon SpectroJet

    We are researching replacing our older systems and are looking at the same two products. I have not used the newer X-rite systems, we use the older X-rite intellitrax units on our presses; I have some experience with the Techkon scan units from resent demos and use a Techkon Spectrodens for...
  3. Mike Herndon

    Mid Atlantic Printer: Sheetfed Press Operator and Press Helper

    Our company is growing, we have immediate openings for the following: Lead Sheetfed Press Operator: 2nd and 3rd shifts, 3pm - 11pm, 11pm - 7am M-F, 6 color Mitsubishi 6000R sheetfed press. Press Helper: 2nd and 3rd shifts, 3pm - 11pm, 11pm - 7am M-F, 6 color Mitsubishi 6000R sheetfed press...
  4. Mike Herndon

    A Teaching Moment

    I agree 100%, lack of Common sense, very frustrating, we all deal with this every day. The good old BRE, I wonder if any of the individuals even knew, read or understood what product they were making? We had a failure a while back, a self-mailer, 16 pager folded down and stapled to go into...
  5. Mike Herndon

    A Teaching Moment

    I have seen this happen before, address on the wrong side, actually very easy to do depending on the software, proof labeling and skill set. Due diligence.... Someone probably assumed... somewhere that all things would be ok, or possibly and most likely did not know. It would be interesting...
  6. Mike Herndon

    Printing Evolution - Thirty Years Past to Present

    Interesting topic, I see valid points from all sides. In our organization we look for what I call a “pride and craftsmanship” quality, not just in the pressroom but everywhere throughout. I think the simplest way for me to define pride and craftsmanship: an individual that cares about what they...
  7. Mike Herndon

    Heidelberg Feeder Pile Sensor

    I don't post much any more and just saw your thread.. We had a 1998, similar design with the feeder pile centering. The sensor will fail over time, as you see on the ssk board the voltage will start to shift randomly. The way ours failed, the beam of the sensor is now to wide and it is picking...
  8. Mike Herndon

    Characterization Curves

    Yes, depends on the job, paper, and image area, coverage. The first 4 units print on chrome impression cylinders, last 4 print on jacketed impression cylinders; there is a difference in how the dot lays down on the sheets. On our 8 color perfector we will use 2 sets of curves for presswork with...
  9. Mike Herndon

    Heidelberg ink duct foil, an advantage or disadvantage?

    We call them ink fountain liners. The manual we have for our sm102 refers to the removable liner as a "ink fountain liner" but then refers to the bar the liner hooks into as a "foil clamping bar". The liners are an advantage as long as you maintain the two sided tape, clear tape and weather...
  10. Mike Herndon

    FOGRA 39, GRACoL 2006, GRACoL 2013 Questions

    Yes, thanks. Nice to know I am not alone on an island with my thoughts on color "standards". Mike
  11. Mike Herndon

    Speedmaster 102Z Ink Ductor question

    We run into this issue from time to time. Sounds like you have checked the right things, voltage on the motor and the fountain roller brake. We've found when the sweep creeps up 2-3 points every few minutes it's the gear box/spindle for the ink sweep. As Aquazi81 said you have to watch the ink...
  12. Mike Herndon

    Runing Cost of Offset press

    There are a lot of variables to consider when running an offset press. B-3 is 14” x 20” sheet size so that is a smaller possibly more economical sheet size. Things to consider: Press Manufacture Hours of operation Power/utilities cost- includes: water consumption (will you need water...
  13. Mike Herndon

    CPC 1.03 job storage

    We tried to retrofit a bog standard style but could not get it to work. This is over 13 years ago so my memory is fuzzy on what we did. Who knows? a good sparky might be able to sort it. We bought the retrofit kit for the cards and had Heidelberg install. FWIW ours came with 4 cards, who knows...
  14. Mike Herndon

    Heidelberg washup tank sensor

    Here's a pdf of the drawing, again this is off a 98 sm102 so your 90 CD may be and probably is a little different. Mike
  15. Mike Herndon

    How low can you go?

    That is border line insulting to have an offer like that. However it just shows the state of the industry, there is no value in this trade unless maybe packaging. Operators get paid nothing, managers fight to give their best guys 50 cents. That can be said for a lot of things. What if a press...
  16. Mike Herndon

    Heidelberg washup tank sensor

    The older tanks are very problematic. We had a 91 sm102, same tank as yours and had to jump out all the sensors. Our oldest press is a 98, I looked through our wiring diagrams, the diagram for the box on the back of the tank is just a rectangle showing the sensors connecting, no real detail...
  17. Mike Herndon

    Heidelberg press service/repair manuals and"sherlock plus"program

    hmmm that probably would not have ended well..... Mike
  18. Mike Herndon

    Heid DI chiller or compr. needed

    are you located in the US or Europe? If in the US I suggest using Absolute Graphics Technologies based on Corona Ca. Absolute Graphic Technologies USA If in Europe you can still contact them and see if they have a Europe subsidiary. AGT are the guys that at one time designed the units for...
  19. Mike Herndon

    Slow Delivery Pile

    Your ultra sonic sensor might have a little green light on it that is hard to see, that will tell if it's working or not. If you have the old style with no light you can use the input and output screen in service(wrench#1) on the cptronic to check the sensor and the switch on the end of the...
  20. Mike Herndon

    The decline in the press market

    What a great thread, one of the best I have read in a long time. Thanks everyone for posting up different ideas and I agree, ink feed technology has not changed much in the last 30+ years. Offset dying- maybe some day but for us now we run 24 hours 7 days a week and outsource up to 1 million...


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